Raiding - The First Rule of Fight Club...

The first rule of Frostwolves raiding: is that we won't talk about Wednesday.

I can hear you dying of curiosity.

But I'm not supposed to say anything.

Zzzzzip.  Nada.  Wednesday didn't happen.

.... /twiddles thumbs

Well, I'm about as good at keeping a secret as I am at DPSing, so I guess you're going to hear all about Wednesday.

Everyone was pumped.  It was a new raid week and we were going to try Protectors after we mowed down Immerseus.  So we started Immerseus in good spirits.  Asys said he was lagging though.  However, as we moved through the second submerge, I did something stupid and I died as he was re-emerging because the pool "licked me".  We had already used a Battle rez on Asys because he died and his pop wasn't up... so I couldn't get rezzed.  We ended up wiping.  But we thought we'd get it next go.

Little did we know, that the first go was our BEST go for the whole night.

It was as if the RNG monkeys had gone and hexed the raid. After that we were just dying non stop.  Adds killed us.  People weren't being dispelled.  Tanks died.  Swirl killed us.  Forgot to dispel Sev.  Forgot to dispel Aimei.  Swirl spawned on top of us.  Kyxyn kept saying we needed to focus, and we were trying. Still we died. It was pathetic.  Tanks swapped who went first but adds stuck to the wrong tank.  Don't run to the back of the room, run through the swirl otherwise we split up and get picked off or not healed. We weren't getting to our positions fast enough.  We finished the night off with a big repair bill, a big hole in our egos and I was feeling all round shitty.  What the hell was going on?  It seemed so good last week!

Log on Thursday night.  I was thinking ok, we're gonna focus, we're gonna get this!

And what do you know.  We one shot it.  WEIRD!  And this time there was GOOD loot from Immerseus! Lushen and Aimei both coined Hood of Blackened Tears, and in the box was Salt Water Sandals for me, and Bubble-Burst Bracers for Kyxyn!  Woot!  Much better than last weeks' loot.

Onto Protectors.  And our first go was really good, and our second go was even better.  We had an awesome attempt where we nearly had it, then Aimei got gouged, and Owl died.  We wiped at enrage with 2 million left pooo!  So we kept at it.  Healer cooldowns were good, everyone was focussed and calling out their stuff.  And then we were on the last bits.. OMG Rook as dead, quick get He down!  4%... 2%... WIN!

Kyxyn took Gaze of Echoing Despair for transmog and Aimei got heroic warforged Stonetoe's Tormented Treads.  I rolled a Purehearted cricket cage!  How funny - I got my first one last week (having never seen it before on flex, normals or LFR) and now I have another!  What a great end to a night - it was the TOTAL opposite of last night.  So weird.  I guess though, we're still learning so we're going to have nights like that but boy was that annoying!  Grats Frostwolves!

Edit: Thank you Kyxyn for reminding me we did a Guild Ordos beforehand!  Cymre was there too!


  1. Wait, so why is all this good news a secret? Was Brad Pitt and Ed Norton secretly there too? Congrats!

    1. We're kinda pretending that fail Wednesday didn't happen. It was so painful. Horrible! But Thursday made up for it :D

  2. *cough* Guild Ordos Achievement *cough*

    And you have a go at me for not waiting around for screenshots!

    The Tyrant!


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