Raiding - First joint flex weekend

I hate to make a bad impression on a first date. And what impression would it give when the GM who wanted this date to happen didn't show?

Hands up all those who thought this is an actual picture of me!
I was bitterly disappointed not to be able to make the first joint Flex with Concur. Well, I'm not sure if I'm disappointed to have missed the first "date", or missing the Garrosh flex kill.  It was the first one we were officially doing and I waned to be sure that things ran smoothly and there was no friction. Fortunately Kyxyn had it under control.

I left my fancy dinner in the city and sped home as fast as I could, my ear on the phone, listening to the raid and rolling my eyes at the bad omens that were to come - wiping on Blackfuse?? What's that going to mean for Garrosh??

Kyxyn's strat for Paragons never fails so even though that had a few hiccups, it wasn't a wipe.  And then they were two trash pulls till Garrosh.  Damnit, I wasn't going to make it.

I listened as they wiped, and then they pulled again.  Damn it, I was 2 minutes too slow.  Secretly, I wished they would wipe so I could get in on the next attempt, but as I listened, they were doing ... OK!  I logged into our Vent and Concur's Mumble and had a giggle as I listened to Kyxyn relay instructions and have them parroted by Maeroki on Mumble (there were some issues with some of them trying to get on Vent).  I let out my own whoop as all sides cheered when Garrosh went down. And thought, damn, that's another week for me with no Garrosh kill. C'est la vie, it's not top priority on my wish list anyway, that heirloom.

I'm really proud of the Kyxyn, Aimei, Sev and Morz for stepping in and giving a hand.  I wish I could have been there to even it out a little. I know Aimei and Sev were reluctant but I feel glad that Kyxyn feels the same as me about helping out.

Tonight we did Wings 1+2 and we had Ayelena, Corael and Mabaho joining us for the first time.  Poor Mab died a lot - he was going to die a lot anyway, given his ilvl was only 440 or something.  He got a few upgrades from Flex, and he was sleepy so he left after Dark Shaman.  Corael was on his resto druid and he got an upgrade or two as well.  Exray brought 2 friends for wing 1 as well.  Oh and I was pleased to see that Alariantha had joined our group.

Who is Alariantha, I hear people ask.  Well, I was poking around on realm forums and I saw Alariantha was looking for a guild.  He was looking for a mature guild and maybe doing some raiding.  He had a wife who played as well, and a young child.  Alariantha had said they were looking for a guild where the guild chat was not full of excessive swearing, racial slurs and otherwise bad behaviour, because they didn't want to expose their 5 year old to that sort of behaviour. I like to think of our guild as well behaved and Alariantha had left his previous guilds because the members would use words such as "nigger" and "bloody Abbo" in guild chat, and I don't blame him, I would leave too.  I don't like leaving a reply on forums, so I decided to send an ingame mail to Alariantha, and invited him to join our Flex to see if he liked us or not.  And he enjoyed the raid, enough to join.  He was quite chatty afterwards, and I would have liked to talk more, but Kyxyn and I went over to help Concur with their Flex.  He seemed happy to find a home and I said that when his Mrs gets online, I will throw her an invite as well.

Ok, back to the raid shenanigans.  I was worried that DPS would be bad for Dark Shaman but it was ok.  It was even ok for Nazgrim too.

After the raid, as I said before, Kyxyn and I went to help Concur do Wing 3.  Unfortunately they were full on healers so I had to be carried as DPS (bleh) which was rather embarrassing.  Kyxyn is not a big fan of Mumble - it doesn't recognise his nostromo keys (?spelling) and so he has to use other keys for push to talk, which resulted in some rather embarrassing moments.  We had to wipe on Spoils because he opened an anima box next to an almost dead big box mob who got  healed to full and they couldn't recover from that.  Some bad Thok pulls - I didn't actually notice what he did wrong but he said there was something wrong.  He HoP'd the druid, instead of doing Mae's shaman.  There was one hilarous attempt where the whole raid wiped and he was solo tanking Thok with that damned Eternal Flame and he was unkillable... I thought he had wiped off 4% and there was still 14% to go and enrage was in 1 minute.  Why can't he live like that during a normal Thok raid?? Still no Thok trinket for me, damn shame.  I saw one of the other healers get it though...

So, I hope that Concur didn't mind us helping out. It works well for us actually - I get the opportunity to do Garrosh with another solid group with part of my own guild, and also get to do the social Flex stuff for our social members.  Now if only I can get my head around the logic of Asys saying to me that he won't use a coin to roll on the shield in heroic Norushen because he won't have any... and then seeing him roll for offspec enhance loot in Flex last night... maybe he doesn't like shields, and it doesn't go with his transmog.


  1. i have a friend on saurfang who would love to come on a flexi with you guys navi. He has a pally tank and a monk tank but i think his monk is the most geared at about 523 ilvl which plenty for flex.Ill see you in game and give you him name :)



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