Raiding - Achievements in Wing 1 Siege of Orgrimmar, Flex style

I managed to make the Saturday Flex with Concur, and surprisingly so did Aza.  Kyxyn, Aimei, Asys, Morz and Alariantha were also there and we had a few hiccups on Blackfuse, and also hiccups for Paragons.  At least it wasn't me this time - someone deposited a sawblade at the entrance to the conveyer belt and that caused it to get rather ugly.  Asys was tanking on his druid and there were some issues at first with 2 shredders being up, but he got onto that the next few times and that wasn't the issue later.

Now Paragons was interesting.  I have never seen parasites before - apparently that was because the bloods got to the boss (a few times) and healed them up and they were impossible to kill!  They just where too overwhelming and we had to wipe.  We used Kyxyn's kill order which still works the best and then it was onto Garrosh.

I don't think Garrosh was that bad.  We did have all the tanks die at the end and we had to polish it off, but it was done.  No heirlooms again.  Kyxyn was grouchy - 9 kills and nothing, and Luxy had 2 kills and had one! Well, that's how RNG works, right?

Sunday flex was different - we were going to do Achievements!  I think that was a bit of a surprise to me, because I wasn't expecting people to be keen, but Kyxyn was keen and if he was keen then I was too. I knew Luxy would want to and Ayelena, and so Kyxyn got onto his feral druid and Aimei solo tanked the first boss.  We had a number of new people as well - a pug I picked up from trade named Owned (a DK), and Alariantha's wife, Shammcow, and Luxy's hunter friend, Bobdown.  Faithless was also there for the first time on her shadow priest.  Luxy even came, and as usual, McTacky and Riptyde came.  Jurlok came for a short while and so did Nova, so with our own guildies our Flex was running at 15.

Immerseus - No more tears
This achievement was to defeat Immerseus after killing 10 Tears of the Vale.  What the hell are those, I hear you ask?  Well, if you hold a black blob away from Immerseus, preventing it from joining the pool, after a certain period of time it will change into a Tear of the Vale, a Pandaren spirit who looks sha-touched.  You should probably aim to do 3-4 each submersion, otherwise you could hit the enrage timer.  We did it with roots, void tendrils and knockbacks, and it went really easily when we assigned certain people to do it.  The best options were our lowest DPS because at least the others could concentrate on killing all the other blobs and these guys held back the blobs.  It worked really well, in 3 submerges we got our 10 and then we killed it.  Sev got on his monk for this fight to heal.

Fallen Protectors - Go Long
Clearly a football reference (rather than the financial reference) where you have to throw the ball far.  This achievement was for the Mark of Anguish to be passed to at least 5 different people over a distance of 200 yards.  Luxy's friend Bob put 4 markers up for 40 yards, and whomever got the Mark passed it to someone at a marker who then passed it to someone else at a marker.  Obviously they had to hold back on DPSing the Embodied Anguish so we had enough time to pass the Mark around.  But the corners thing worked really well!

Norushen - None Shall Pass
This achievement was to not allow any unleashed corruption to fuse with the Amalgam of Corruption. Kyxyn said that the way to do this achievement was to not have any DPS go into the zone so that no small adds spawn.  Tanks and one healer would need to go, so they could soak orbs, but that was about it.  Everyone else was going to have to burn the boss.  DPS would have to try to avoid getting 100% corruption so they could continue DPSing the boss.  It was actually pretty easy to get the achievement after that.

Sha of Pride - Swallow your Pride
To get this achievement, you're not supposed to get any pride from the Manifestation of Pride (the add that spawns at the back). We thought that meant interrupt it from shooting us, but it's when it dies that's the problem - the 2 closest people will gain 2 pride.  The solution was to have 2 people with the Gift of the Titans stand closest to the manifestation because they don't gain pride.  Worked well on normal, but on Flex, it was too difficult to get the manifestation down fast enough and so the buff had worn off by the time the manifestation died so we didn't get the achievement for everyone.

In Wing 2, some of the achievements are crazy easy.

Galakras - The Immortal Vanguard
This achievement just does itself in Flex, I guess because we take out the baddies fast enough so that none of the friendly NPCs die.  But boy did that ball go places that it wasn't supposed to go!  Lucky it was Flex. Rellim and Tri turned up and joined our flex - a shame they hadn't come for our Wing 1 achieves.

Iron Juggernaut - Fire in the Hole!
This acheivement was the exception to the rule of Wing 2 achieves being easy.  You have to superheat a crawler mine (but running the laser over it) then you have to stomp on it.  It was too hard to get it done in Flex.  We wiped once and tried again but we couldn't get the laser over the mines.  The positioning of the raid was different as well, which threw me out a bit, but maybe with a bit of practice we can get it next time. For the first time in a long time, I was BOTTOM healer.  Man!

Dark Shaman - Rescue Raiders
A lot of the guys you need to rescue are yellow (neutral) so it's easy for them to get in the firing line, especially with AoE.  There are the 5 neutral orcs in front of the bank that we cc'd and then they ran away after we killed the hostile orcs around them.  There are also 2 Theramore citizens on the side near the AH that we did the same to - but apparently you don't need to do both groups, but just to be on the safe side...! Letting the guy out of the cage after you kill Mokuar gets you the caged prisoner, and Ji Firepaw is easy to rescue coz he's just out there.  And you're done!  Tri went up with Kyxyn to tank the top section whilst we did the bottom.  Rellim made my healing look really crap!  Damned Disc priests.

Nazgrim - Gamon will save us!
Releasing Gamon and then letting him fight the demon whilst we all jump over the side and go kill Nazgrim seems to be the way to do this achievement.  Easy on Flex, as long as you don't wipe.  If you wipe, you probably won't get the achievement since Gamon might die.  Having Gamon in the room with Nazgrim is damned painful unless you assign him a full time healer and people are good with controlling Nazgrim's rage so he doesn't Warsong all the time.  Lucky we one shot Nazgrim and got this achievement for everyone.

Faith got some upgrades which was great, and I am not sure who else got stuff - I know I got some DE's. I'm pleased with how that flex turned out - even the pug DK was THINKING about joining, though he was looking for raiding experience which unfortunately we can't provide at this stage.  I still wish we could do wing 3 though - perhaps that will be on the cards next Sunday!


  1. I got a healing and a dps weapons that run! Glad I got all those achievements too!

  2. Grats on achievements!
    I just finished mine last weekend and I must say that I absolutely love the Galakras mount (of course, as a mount collector, I tend to like all of them, haha). The wing 3 achievements aren't too bad - I really enjoy letting that giant snail roam around!

    1. I want to do that snail one - it looks so hard though! I hope to try for more achievements next Flex. You will have to show me that mount sometime :)


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