Minndy - The baby lock hits 80!

This levelling really is super crazy easy with RAF and the heirlooms and whatever buffs Blizzard did.  Soon after we hit 40 we ran a Razorfen Kraul (or was it Downs?) with Kyxyn's alt and Voros' alt, but we soon zoomed ahead of them.

We hit Dire Maul after that, and ran around like crazy geese trying to get our quests done - I think I have recollections of doing it for the first time like that on Navi!

We ran Stratholme and grabbed pics of a few rares whilst we were there:

Blackrock Depths was no match for us! Well, carried by Aimei... and since we were there we thought we'd see if we could get into Molten Core... and we could!

You know, not a single pet dropped in that instance!

It wasn't long before Moorc and Minndy hit 58 and we headed into Outland and dinged 60. The fastest way to level out here was to dungeon.  

We learned to fly, and then Aimei 2 boxed and so we did a couple of Outland dungeons and before you knew it... we were 70.

Graphic error on the mammoth.  Aimei is dragging me us around...

Well, we might have snuck over to Northrend a little before 70.  We went to Howling Fjord and did Utgarde, dinged 70 then went on to do a few more WOTLK dungeons.

The problem with being carried through dungeons is that I have NO IDEA how to play my character.  I am playing like a level 20 because all these new spells have popped up and I haven't had the chance to use them or figure out a rotation or what they all are.  But since this accelerated levelling is going to run out soon, I guess I have 10 levels to figure it out, right?

So, for a non leveller, non alt player, it took me just under 21 hours to hit level 80 with RAF and heirlooms with dungeon carries.  That is crazy fast!  I guess now it will probably another 21 hours before I get to 85...


  1. Grats on reaching 80! You'll be 90 before you know it!

  2. YAY! You will be dpsing flex in no time!

  3. Woo! Congrats!
    I'm sure you'll hit 90 real soon! 80 to 90 isn't as bad as it used to be! :D

  4. Hi Navi,

    That's fantastic you're actually leveling an alt and you've made 90 already. But as to playing your class, Minndy is a lock and you have 3 good locks of differing spec to guide you, Aza, Sev and me.

    Can't wait til you hit 90 and gear her up with timeless items so she can raid.


  5. Wait...navi lvling? :)

  6. Dude Navi if you go Destro it will be super easy to pick up once the super fast leveling ends.

    As Ayelena said, you have several awesome locks in your guild that can help you. I am also available if you need help :D

    Grats on the leveling!


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