Minipost: Raiding - I don't think I like weekend serious raiding...

Maybe it was because I was tired because I had to organise and execute a birthday party on Saturday.  But raiding on Saturday didn't feel like it did on a Thursday.  It felt sloppier than normal, people felt tired.  Maybe it was because we did Flex before.  But whatever it was, we had some weird things happening on Sha, and it took us a while to get down.  Kyxyn made some weird mistakes and we teased him about it, but he might have been having an off day.  I think everyone decided that Saturday raids are not something we would look at for normal raiding - it just doesn't feel right.  I think Saturday should be for relaxing!  Not hard core stuff!  Maybe it's just me who likes to work during the week and rest on weekends - not sure what others think though.  Luxy got a tier chest and so did Aza and Sabre, and I got the heroic Prismatic Prison of Pride.

But on Monday we got Galakras down and watched Lushen roll loot again - what did Aza say?  Oh yes, they said that there is an RNG-zus.  I thought that was a hilarious concept.  Praying to RNGzus.  My apologies if I offend anyone with religious sensibilities but it is funny.  Lushen has rolled almost every piece of heroic loot he has.  That lucky ass monk.  Morz got Shoulderpads of Pulsing Protection and I had to DE the heroic warforged plate tank loot.

Iron Juggernaut is still farming us.  We're doing the MMO Champ strat where we got knocked back on the side and the crawlers come to us and we heal down there but we're not all making it down there - the knockback kills almost half of us.  Feels like a healing problem at this stage, and that makes it a struggle.  I am embarrassed because I die a lot to those annoying borer drills combined with a sawblade.  Ugh!  But I will need to do better next week.


  1. Well damn, that's where I've been going wrong, I'm going to light a candle to RNGzus and see how that works out for me. I can't hurt.

  2. Good luck on IJ. You will get him, he's stil a pain to us at times too. We ended up 7 healing and still do heal with that many healers most of the time. It's such a damaging fight, hang in there.
    I hate fights where I have to dodge things coming from my front and keep an eye on the pesky sawblade darting around from behind, I generally get hit by one or the other too :)

  3. RNG-zus!! That is absolute gold. Good luck with IJ - I sure you guys will get there! :D

  4. RNGzuz! Love it!

    Prog raiding on a Saturday doesn't sound fun at all. My brain is either dead from a busy day or from the wine I've consumed (Not that I'm consuming wine lately, mind you!)


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