Minipost: PvP - Arena Season 15 is upon us!

It's always fun at the beginning of a new PvP season - I am much more enthusiastic about capping conquest than I am about valour.  And I was surprised to see a feat of strength pop up when I logged in last Tuesday.

It might be a new thing.  Maybe they didn't hand out FoS for your ranking in arenas in previous seasons.  Or it might be that we never did that great in previous seasons! Anyway, after seeing that, I've decided that I need to try harder this season - especially at the end of a season!  I would like a duelist title for once!

So after raid last night, we decided to go and play a few games.  There was a mixture of good teams and not so good teams.  I am a bit out of practice and left myself out in the open a bit too much.  But our CC chains were good most of the time - where we fell down was when the CC chains were good on us.  Once that cycle started happening it was almost impossible to catch up to the damage that was being dealt out.

Ugh this cold is killing my PvP time.  Not wanting to stay up late to PvP - hopefully I'll be better by Friday to finish off my conquest cap!  Luxy says she might hit up some arenas - Sev said he was looking forward to seeing her and Taloski on the battlefield!


  1. It was just an achievement for the ranks before so if you already have Challenger, you wouldn't have seen it again unless you got it on a different toon or had the rating for a different title. The season specific achievements are def new :D

    It won't just be me and Taloski :P Rav will be carrying us :D

  2. Congrats! :D
    Gah, this makes me miss PvP. I used to PvP all the time because I was too shy to PvE --- but then I was too shy to do anything but random BGs, haha. I was able to get over that fear in 5.4 and start raiding, perhaps it's time to revisit PvP-land! Congrats again on your FoS!

    1. Too shy to PvE? really?? I'm glad that you got into it Kaila, and I hope you get into PvP again - I find it a great stress relief :) Maybe I'll see you on the battleground!


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