Frostwolves Bedtime Story Strats - The dreadful Proto-drake, Galakras

"I want a new story today, Mama," said my daughter.  "I don't want to hear your old stories."

"What's wrong with my old stories?  I like them!" I was a bit hurt, I liked my old stories!

"Nothing, but I want a new one.  Pleeeeaaase?" she said, imploringly, giving me a hug.

I relented. "Alright.  How about.... the story of how we killed Galakras, the Proto-Drake?"

"What's a Proto-drake?"

"Proto-drakes are the ancestors of dragons. Like how monkeys are the ancestors of humans."

"What's an ancestor?"

"Like a grandpa. Or a great great great Grandpa!  They are like the Grandpas of dragons."

"Does that mean they're really really old?"

Hmm.  This conversation was not take the turn I expected.  "Umm, not exactly!  They are like what dragons used to look like BEFORE they became pretty dragons.  They're like... DINOSAUR dragons!"

She seemed satisfied with that answer.


Do you remember how I told you about how the bad Warchief Garrosh dropped the evil god's heart into the magic water?  After he did that, he ran away and hid deep inside the city in some caves under the ground so that nobody could find him and try to kill him.  He sent his armies to protect him, and one of them was called Warlord Zaela.  She was friends with Garrosh for a long time, and she had rode a big proto-drake, named Galakras.  Warlord Zaela protected the beach near the city to stop people from getting in to fight Garrosh.

Zaela had a HUGE army!  Everyone came on a boat to the beach to start the fight, and we had to kill all the bad orcs who were there and blow up all the cannons so our ships won't get sunk. Then Zaela  kept sending her armies at us.

There were lots of people helping us.  The Queen of the zombies, Sylvanas, was there, and so was the Lord of the Elves, Lor'thremar.  Archmage Aethas Sunreaver was one of the most powerful magicians and he came to help us too.

"Zombie queen!" my daughter exclaimed.

"She was an elf before she became a zombie, and she's very pretty.  Mama thinks she is SOOO cool."

Zaela was the leader of the Dragonmaw clan, and she sent many groups of Dragonmaw soldiers to attack us. Uncle HK had to try to keep them attacking him so they didn't hit other people and kill them.  On top of the towers, people shot us with fire arrows.  Little proto-drakes came and breathed fire on us.  It was very busy for everyone - for the healers, trying to keep everyone alive, and for the damagers who were trying to kill the baddies and stop them from hitting Sylvanas, Lor'thremar and Aethas.

There were two towers, one on each side.  On top of those towers was a cannon, and we wanted to get in the cannon so we could shoot Zaela as she was flying around on Galakras.  Goblins are really good at making machines and bombs.  We had two little Goblins helping us, putting bombs at the tower doors so we could break into the tower and get to the cannon.  But bad orcs kept coming and trying to kill them!  We made Uncle Exray guard the two little goblins and every time a bad orc came, he'd kill it. Sometimes he had to ask Uncle Sev to come and help him.  Finally they managed to put their bomb on the door and BOOM! It was open. You need 5 people to go up into the tower because it's so dangerous - Uncle Xyn was going to block them wish his shield, and Uncle Sev, Uncle Sabre and Uncle Owl were going to kill all the baddies. Uncle Morz went up to make sure they were healed. You had to kill the baddies fast and jump into the cannon quick, because as soon as the door broke, the proto-drakes flying in the sky started shooting everyone on the ground so much that they would die.  Once all the baddies in the tower were dead, Uncle Sabre was going to jump into the cannon and shoot the proto-drakes.

Uncle Aza now had to go protect the two goblins as they went to the second tower.  Uncle HK was so busy down the bottom because the armies were still coming!  Uncle Lushen, Aunty Luxy and Mama were very busy trying to make sure the armies didn't kill our leaders but it was getting pretty hard!  Everyone was in the tower and couldn't help us, but then Uncle Morz said that they were nearly finished in the tower so he jumped off the tower and came to help Mama. Uncle Sabre shot all the proto-drakes till they were dead, and everyone came back downstairs to help kill the armies again.  But!  Oh no!  Uncle Sev got hit by something really hard and he died!  Luckily Uncle Exray made Uncle Sev come alive again and then he went to help Uncle Aza help the goblins, and yay, they got the bomb on and blew up the door!  So up went Uncle Xyn's team to the second tower.  The big baddie up there, she used a gun that could make you die a lot so whenever she pointed her gun at you, you had to run away to the other side.  That tower was easy and Uncle Sev jumped into the cannon and Uncle Sabre went back to the other cannon and they did something silly while they waited for Uncle HK to tell them when to shoot Galakras.  Guess what they did!

"Did they... shoot the baddies on the ground?"

"No, they couldn't see them properly."

"Did they put bombs on the cannons and blow them up?"


"I give up."

"They pointed the cannons at each other and started shooting each other!"

My daughter laughed.  "That's silly! Why did they do that?!"

"For fun, and because they were being SILLY!"

"But doesn't that hurt?"

"For some reason the cannons only kill baddies, not us, so they liked mucking around.  Uncle Sabre says that he was better at hitting Uncle Sev than Uncle Sev was at hitting Uncle Sabre.  He was probably right."


"Because Uncle Sabre is a hunter and they're really good at using guns and bows and shooting them - like Green Arrow, or like Merida in Brave, she was good with the bow and arrow."

The last armies on the ground died.  Uncle HK shouted "Shoot her now!" and so Uncle Sev and Uncle Sabre shot their cannons at Galakras.  Zaela would only fall off if both cannons hit her, so Uncle Sev and Uncle Sabre hit her at exactly the same time and she fell off.  She told Galakras to fight us while she ran away to find Warchief Garrosh to tell him we were coming.

Galakras would shot big balls of fire at us, and it would make us burn!  The fireball was so big that if it hit you, you would get hurt so much that you might die, so you had to share the fireball with your friends - if the fireball went past some of your friends, some of the fire would get on them and make the fireball smaller so that when it hit you it wouldn't hurt you so much.  After a while we would stop burning, but if you had too much fire on you burning you, you'd get burned to death.  So we made two teams, and we would have one side on fire and when they had 3 fires burning on them, we'd make the other team get the fire 3 times, because by then, the first team's fires would have stopped burning and they would be ok again.

Mama and Uncle Morz were very busy at this time because everyone needed so much healing and they were dying!  Uncle Morz used his big bubble and little bubbles, Mama put her healing mushroom on the ground and also used her healing stars which would come out of the ground and healed everyone who stood in it. Uncle Exray had healing stars too, and he helped Mama and Uncle Morz when we started getting tired. She was nearly dead!  Everyone hit her as hard as they could and then.. she died!  We went and got our treasure - we all got gold, and Uncle Aza got a new ring.

"Yay!  How come you didn't get anything?"

"There wasn't any good treasure for Mama there.  But that's ok!  I'll get something next time."

"At least Uncle Sabre got to go this time."

"He was happy, I think."

But, we died lots of times when we tried learning how to fight Galakras.  Sometimes it was to funny things. One time, Uncle Xyn went up the tower and the big baddy up there pushed him really hard and he fell off the tower and then the big baddies hit us and we died.  Uncle Xyn wasn't the only one who did that.  Uncle Sabre got pushed really hard by the big baddy and he was falling off but Uncle Morz did something AMAZING - he used his magic stretchy hands and grabbed Uncle Sabre and pulled him back to the tower and saved him!  But then a few seconds later, Uncle Morz got pushed by the big baddy and fell off and died.  A lot of times Mama didn't know how to heal it properly and people died.  Sometimes people ran all over the place with the fire ball and they died from catching a giant fireball. There was a time Uncle HK didn't grab one of the baddies and they turned and hit someone hard and they died (though Uncle HK will tell you that it was because they hit the baddies before Uncle HK could hit them and that's why the baddies ran away from him).  And tons of times the baddies killed our leaders and we got in big trouble and we had to start again.

"But," I said.  "It's time for bed now!  Goodnight!"

"Can I have another story?"

"We haven't killed any more new things," I said.  "You might have to wait a while!"

"Well hurry up and kill something so I get another story," she said.

If only it was that easy!


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    1. I think that's the last one for a while Kam! Glad someone enjoys them (other than my daughter)! I wish I'd wrote the others down earlier because I can't remember them and when she asks me for a story I want to just go to my blog and pull out one now instead of trying to make them up! :D


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