Frostwolves Bedtime Story Strats - The tale of the Fallen Protectors

"Can you tell me that story about Aunty Luxy and Uncle Sev again?" asked my daughter.

"Which story was that?" I asked. I think Sev and Luxy would be horrified to hear that they had their own story... especially considering the kinds of stories I like reading.

"The one where Uncle Sev wouldn't give Aunty Luxy the ball."

Ohhhh.... THAT story!

"Of course I'll tell you that story!  That story is called the Tale of the Fallen Protectors.  It's a bit of a long story though."

"I like long stories."


Once upon a time in Pandaria, which was the land the Pandas lived in, it was peaceful and calm.  The reason it was so calm, because the Panda king took all his bad feelings and buried them deep in the ground so that he could stay strong and wise, and not be scared or sad.  But the Panda king didn't know that by doing that, new monsters would grow, called Sha, and they were full of bad feelings and bad energiy. And every now and then, a Sha would come out of the ground and hurt people.

There have to be protectors and guardians for things to stay calm (a bit like policemen), otherwise bad things could happen and nobody could stop them.  There was a clan called...

"What's a clan?"

"It's like a family.  A group of people who all get together to do the same thing.  But they're not real family, they're just really good friends who stay together."

... there was a clan called the Golden Lotus and it was their job to protect the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, which is where you can see lots and lots of yellow grass and where you can find our castle, called the Shrine of the Two Moons.  The baddies, or Alliance, who fight us all the time are there too, in their castle on the other side of the Vale which is called Shrine of Seven Stars.  We can't go there, or they'll kill us.

Anyway, the Golden Lotus are friends with everybody.  They used to ask us to help them to get rid of bad evil statues, called Mogu, who kidnap Pandas and hurt them and we'd have to go rescue the kidnapped Pandas.  Sometimes we had to go to one of the villages where naughty Sprites would keep setting fire to everything and we had to put out the fires and kill the Sprites.

"What's a sprite?"

"It's like a bad naughty fairy who does naughty things. Some Sprites are very naughty."

There were three people in the Golden Lotus who were very important.  Rook Stonetoe was a BIG Panda, who was loyal, a gentle friend but could be a terrible enemy if you made him angry.

"What's loyal mean?"

"It means you're a good friend, it means you will always stay and support someone, like a soldier."

Then there was He Softfoot - he was a ninja and he never spoke.  When he asked us to do stuff, he would do drawings on the ground or pieces of paper.  Ninjas are really dangerous - they can poison you or attack you from behind and you wouldn't even know he was there - he was THAT sneaky. Sun Tenderheart was one of the ones who welcomed us to the Golden Vale when we first came, and she wanted us to be friends.

"Was she a ninja too?"

"No, I think she was a priest.  She uses magic."

Then, one day, Garrosh Hellscream, who was our leader but turned BAD, found a big secret. Deep in the ground someone had buried the heart of an old evil God, Y'shaarj.  Garrosh dug it up and dumped it into the beautiful magic ponds of the Vale and woke up the sleeping heart.  But all the sha felt the energies from the bad sleeping heart mixing with the magic pond and their energies mixed into all that magic and caused a GIANT EXPLOSION which made the beautiful Golden Vale into a black ugly place.  Many people died, including the good people from the Golden Lotus clan - Rook, Sun and He.  It was very sad because as they died, they were full of sad feelings - being scared, being sad and feeling like they messed up.  The feelings were so strong, that they got stuck here as ghosts, so miserable and upset that they couldn't protect the Golden Vale from the big damage that was done.  And the only way they could go to heaven, was if someone killed their ghosts, so they could go to heaven and be happy.

"Why didn't they become zombies?" my daughter asked.

"You can only become a zombie if your body was still there.  The big explosion burned all their bodies to dust. So they can only become ghosts."

Mama and her friends went to go try and kill their ghosts so they could go to heaven.  We had too many people again and Uncle Sabre decided not to play again.

"Again? But he didn't play last time."

"I know, but he sometimes has things to do.  That's ok, we'll bring him next time."

"I don't think it's very fair."

"He'll be alright.  I told you, he has too much treasure already."

It was a little bit hard because there were 3 people to kill, and you had to kill them all at the same time, because even though one was dead, the others were still alive and they could make themselves come alive again whilst the others were still alive.  Uncle Xyn made a plan - we would hit Rook first, then He then Sun.

Uncle Xyn said he would take Rook and Uncle HK would take He and fight them far apart so that nobody would get hit by both Rook and He, because that would hurt a lot.  Uncle HK had to be careful because  He would use some poisons to make Uncle HK get frozen, and then while Uncle HK was frozen, He would go off and hit someone else really hard, and they might die.  But there was a trick to it - if Uncle HK turned his back to He and got hit in the back with poison, he wouldn't get stuck, he would just get kicked really far away.

"That's not very nice."

"No, but they're bad, and they're ghosts, so they don't do nice things anyway."

Sun would use her magic and try to burn us, and also she would put dirty sticky black magic on us that Uncle Morz and Mama would have to clean off.  Uncle Asys was really lazy with his cleaning magic, so Mama wouldn't let him do it.

"Why was he lazy?" asked my daughter.

"I think he just didn't want to do it."

"But why?"

"Because Uncle Asys likes having Mama yell at him."

"I thought you said that you're not supposed to yell at people."

"Even if I yell at Uncle Asys he doesn't do what I tell him anyway.  Just like your brother."

Everyone started hitting Rook.  Rook got mad and threw a barrel of beer at us and you mustn't stand where it's going to land because it hurts you and makes you move slow!  When his health went down by a little bit, 3 bad shadows came out.  They were called Gloom, Misery and Sorrow - which are all names of sad feelings.  Gloom did some really painful scream that hurts everyone around him so everyone had to take turns to kick him to make him shut up.  Sorrow made one person into a bomb, and everyone had to run in and stand next to them so they can help share some damage.  Uncle HK took Misery away so he couldn't hurt people - Misery liked putting fire on the ground.  Mama and Uncle Morz and Uncle Asys were very busy when those 3 shadows were up because there was SO much healing to do.

"Why can't you just put water on the ground?"

"It doesn't work like that, it's not real fire, it's kinda like magic fire."

"Then why can't you use magic water?"

"It just doesn't work. You have to kill it to make the magic fire stop."

When the shadows were dead, then everyone started hitting He.  When He's health went down a bit, he threw out a ball which made a ghost come and hit you REALLY HARD.  You could hold the ball for a little bit, but after a while that ghost hits you so hard you die.  Uncle Aza got it first, and he held it as long as he could, and then he gave it to Uncle Exray.  Uncle Exray held it until the ghost hitting him got really ouchie, and then he gave it to Uncle Sev.  Uncle Sev wanted to see how long he could hold the ball without dying - he was supposed to give the ball to Aunty Luxy, but he just kept holding it and he held it too long and do you know what happened?

"He died?" said my daughter.

"Yes, he died.  And Uncle Aza had to make him come alive again!"

"He didn't share the ball with Aunty Luxy, and that's why he died right?"

"Yep,  That's why he died.  That's why I said it's good to share.  You don't want to DIE because you didn't share, do you?"

"Why didn't he want to share?"

"I think Uncle Sev was trying to be brave and show off and hold it as long as he could."

"But why?"

"Because Uncle Sev thought he could do it."

"But why?"

"You'll have to ask Uncle Sev next time you see him."

"I don't want to, I'm shy. Do you think Aunty Luxy was sad she didn't get to hold the ball?"

I grinned.  "I think Aunty Luxy was very happy NOT to have the ball, because she doesn't like to have ouchies!"

After we killed all 3 of those shadows, then everyone started to hit Sun.  When Sun's health got a bit low, she made a black bubble in the middle of the floor and turned all the rest of the floor around it into black fire and she disappeared!  The black fire hurt a lot to stand in, and everyone except Uncle Hk and Uncle Xyn had to stand in the black bubble, and some little Sha monsters came out and we had to kill them.

"Is it like Uncle Morz's bubble?"

"A little bit, you don't get hurt so much inside the bubble but it still hurts a little bit."

After everyone killed the little sha monsters, the bubble and the black fire went away.  Then we had to do it all over again.

"Why did you have to do it again?"

"Because this fight you have to do it twice before you kill them."

"But why?"

"Because that's what they want you to do so it's a little bit hard."

When they finished all their bad painful things, we had to try to kill them all at the same time so none of the ghosts came alive again and much up our fight!  But, we managed to do it, yay!  We killed all 3 ghosts and then Rook, He and Sun could go to heaven in peace.  Yay, we all got treasure!

"Yay! What else did you get?"

"Well, Uncle HK got some really good shoes, and Uncle Xyn got something to wear on his shoulders that made him look pretty."

"Did you get anything?"

"Actually, Mama got a cricket cage, like in Mulan.  It's really cool, I really liked it."

"Oh I saw that one.  I wish I had one."

I kissed her on the head.  "Maybe when you're older.  But for now, that's the end, and time to go to sleep."


  1. I always love reading your raiding bedtime stories. :D I can definitely see why your daughter asks for them!

    1. Thanks Plaid Elf! It makes me more inclined to share my stories when I have people like you saying nice things like that :D

  2. My kids are no longer that small, but I sure remember those sort of questions.

    1. It's the "But why?" after you answer the previous "But why?" that drives me a bit loopy :P

  3. "PG"....when do we get the "MA15+"...:)

    Uncle Sev was trying to be Uncle Aza...Again


    1. Uncle Sev is upset that I make fun of him so much. I will have a different target next story!

  4. Our children are so smart: I got to read Harry Potter to mine, which served my interests, too! I had a whole catalog of stories I made up, and one of my regrets is not writing them down when they were fresh. These are very sweet Navi - you and your children are blessed.

    1. Your kids might not need them now but you'll need some stories for any future grandchildren! But fortunately your blog is FULL of stories so you can pick one of those :D The Rona one was very good!

    2. Better be WAY off in the future grandchildren !! Lol thanks Navi ((hug)))

    3. Now you will never be able to feel comfortable with those young teenage girls that come visit your son...


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