What the current female human model says about her new look in WoD

Hey you guys!  This is Navimie, the human paladin here!  I just wanted to tell you how excited I was about these new model changes!

If you haven't seen the previews of the new updated look for us human females, then you must have been living under a rock, because it's all the buzz lately.  I've seen heaps of people talking about it, but you know what?  Nobody has listened to ME talking about it.  After all, it's my face and my body that's the topic of conversation here.

So here's some pics of what everyone's talking about (courtesy of MMO-Champion).

Wow. Don't you get weird a feeling when you are looking at yourself in the future?  I mean most of the time you're imagining your white hairs, wrinkles and sags, am I right?  I mean, take this image from the movie Looper.  Where people from the future are sent back in the past for execution/assassination - great way to hide dead bodies!  In the movie, Bruce Willis is the older version of Joseph Levitt-Gordon - can you imagine what he would be thinking?

Probably something like:
  • "Holy crap I'm going to lose my hair."
  • "Man, did I really have such a crap attitude?"
  • "Well, at least I still get to keep my figure..."
But I digress. So looking at my future self, I feel like I'm having Fix-it Felix moment (from Wreck-it Ralph)
Fix it Felix jr: "Look at that high definition in your face....  it's AMAZING..." /sighs dreamily 

It's great to have a makeover!  What girl doesn't love a makeover?  A decade has gone by and finally I feel like my pixels are catching up to those in say.. Skyrim, Rift, Tera - hell just about any game out there has better pixels than me! Who knew those boys at Blizz were such wizards with mascara, eyeliner and blusher?

It's about time someone gave me a decent push-up bra, don't you think?  Because the one I start with has absolutely NO support (I mean seriously, bikini bras have like ZERO support) and those 10 years of running around questing and killing mobs without a sports bra - do you REALLY think I'd be so perky? And you don't see any plastic surgeons around in WoW - no sirree - so I'm glad that the graphic design department gave me a better bra to boost my cleavage.  What, you didn't think they were REAL did you? Tsk tsk.

Someone has done some nip and tuck work on my waist, I see.  I look athletic, toned... I mean let's face it, most girls would love to have a waist like mine and I am lucky that I'm getting it!   In truth, if I was an undead, I can understand why my waist would be so waspish - have you seen how they twist and turn at the waist ALL the time when they're just standing around?  Talk about way to tone your waist!

Someone commented somewhere I was too skinny because you can now see my ribs.  Those aren't my ribs those are my serratus anterior muscles!  That's from all that punching stuff that I do!

Oh, and I love love that I will now have knees and toes!

Someone ELSE made a comment about the size of my hips at the WoW preview..
"And while you are developing this can you do something about getting rid of the child bearing hips?"
I mean, really?  There's nothing wrong with my hips!  I'm a woman!

But you know what I think would make everyone happy?  Rather than have the one body type, we could have had customizable body types!  Such as a sliding bar like in SW:TOR to make use more or less muscular (and shorter or taller) depending on what you would like your character to be, and maybe a little less muscle definition for us less athletic types - I mean, you would expect a woman wielding a 2handed axe or mace, or a tank taking the big hits from a mob that's 20 times their size (and holding a heavy shield and weapon to match AND wearing plate) to have bigger arms and legs than a wand wielding tinkerbell mage in some colourful robe, am I right?

I guess I'm asking too much, huh.  Well, I'll put that on the wishlist when WoW hits the 20 year mark...


I actually do have a human alt - Navimie, the female human paladin - who is only level 24, and this is spoken from her perspective.  I'd like to thank Amateur Azerothian, and comments by Tome of the Ancient, Khizzara and Draynee for the inspiration :P


  1. I'm really happy with what they have shown so far! The old models REALLY needed some love, especially when you look at Pandarens (all those fantastic facial expressions). I think it's exciting to see how far they've come along. I don't even have a human and I almost want to roll one. Well, I AM missing a Holy Pally to have all of the healing classes - guess that's gonna be it, haha (I'm just terrible with alts. I only have them to roll on Holiday mounts)! To be fair, I'm still hoping for a Female Worgen re-design (I think they said they wouldn't touch them, but here's to hoping the snarl becomes optional at least).

    Agreed, I guess different body types would make everyone happy. That seems to be the biggest issue every single time they reveal something. Looking forward to seeing the female Taurens and Night Elves!

  2. Wonder where she gets those new bras...

  3. I wish we were able to customize our characters more like in other MMO games. But I doubt it'll happen anytime soon. I'm very happy with the human female model, she looks great! I did get a weird feeling because I think one of those pictures look like me in real life.. Maybe I should reroll Alliance and play a character who looks like me :D And not a troll, I don't look like a troll... Buuuut, I'm looking forward to seeing the female troll model..

  4. The new models for all the races that Blizz has shown us are looking Just Fahhbulouss Dahlink!


    Is it just me or did they model the nose on the human female after Latoya Jackson????? It's a bit too skinny, especially in the bridge, to me. And it's a tad pointy. Here, see for your self (link is to an IMDb photo of Latoya):


    The rest of the human female looks good though...nice athletic build but not over the top like most of the male characters. Makes the human female look like she is capable of wielding a sword & board or stave.

  5. The truth comes out, you're practically an altoholic, lol. I love the new models I've seen and I'm glad you like your long overdue makeover! I know Cat is dying to see if she's getting a new push-up bra. Seven year of gravity take it's toll you know and Sasche is hoping for just a little tiny more meat on her ... BONES muahahaha!

  6. The human females look good! I want to see the female Orcs though!!

  7. It's funny that you and I have the same face. In fact all my female humans have that face so I got a real kick out of seeing these models. I also think we should have more customisation though, wouldn't that be something. Cool thinks her proportions are just like mine.

  8. I am in love with the new female human model! I've been thinking about a human monk for some time and this has convinced me that humans are (or atleast will be) worth rolling - as I disliked them so much before. I'm so glad they got rid of the sausage fingers & toes and tree-trunk legs :)

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