Raiding - Our furthest clear in one night!

You can tell stuff must be getting easier as we gear up.  We still did a bit of chopping and changing for healers and we still managed to get Malkorok down with a few minutes to spare!  The RNG gods were not with me today so I still have no shoes, but Morz picked up some gear (chest, shoes), Kyxyn got Tier chest (which Morz had initially picked up but since the warforged cloth chest dropped, I made him give it to Kyxyn), Cranked got the trinket from Nazgrim, Sev got a neck and Lushen got some sidespec shoes.

Raked came and gave DPS kitty a whirl.  We had some bizarre shenanigans happening on Immerseus - Raked pounced onto Immerseus and ended up in the boss and of course died at the beginning.  We were laughing about that for a while. Then Sev somehow died from the spray - HOW does a lock die from the spray?? It turned out that it started on him and knocked him back 3 times and he died.  Aza had a giggle as did the rest of us, much to Sev's disgust.  It was not his night, as not only was he teased about dying in Immerseus, he was stuck doing ML and EPGP for most of the night as well.  But at least he got a neck to replace that lousy 522 he was wearing before.  That put him up a fair bit!

Raked was doing much better DPS than my pathetic attempt!  Which means I should go out and practice more, but I really don't like this melee thing.  But it inspires me to try harder!

Kyxyn had a blonde moment himself on the towers.  I decided to change it up a little and instead of me, Sev and Sabre going up, I had Morz, Lushen and Aza going up.  Kyxyn was so bamboozled by this, that he forgot to go up for the second tower... we had to gently remind him in Vent.

I was cross with myself for dying in Dark Shaman, and I want to keep doing the top end now so that I can practice it and not stuff up.  I still find it a bit stressful, and Kyxyn said that they were going to taunt earlier so that they didn't have all the bad stacks up on the tank as well as the toxic mist thing.  Which would be nice, because that spiky damage gives me a heart attack.  I died, got rezzed, then Kyxyn died and then Aimei was solo tanking until we got it down.  Phew, lucky for tank CDs and good DPS I guess!

So, maybe we will get a Garrosh attempt in tomorrow night if we're quick on these next few bosses, eh? That would be rather cool! I was thinking it would be awesome to get Garrosh this week!  But, if we kill it tomorrow, then what are we going to do on Monday? :D


  1. If we get him down what about a PVP night?


  2. Flex for achievements if we kill him tonight!

    1. Hmm we need to start doing that now we've cleared normal!

  3. Good luck for tonight, hope Garry goes down for you :)


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