Raiding - No loot from Immerseus

It's a new raid week!  And we spent Wednesday and Thursday working on Immerseus and we got a kill tonight, wooo!

Two people had told me to get everyone to stand in one quadrant but we had lots of issues with that.  We ended up using our moving one section at a time and we got it that way.  I felt like I wasn't healing very many blue blobs - I'm sure I could have done better - but on Wednesday night we hit enrage and we spent a bit of time trying to work out where we could get some extra DPS in.

What we did was have Sev DPSing the boss all the time and we dispelled him, and people were getting adds down better.  We has some terrible moments with adds pouring out and killing everyone, or the adds would stick to the tank like glue and he would die.

We got it down in the last possible transition - if it went one more, we would have hit enrage again.

We were so happy to get it down, but then it was so deflating to see the loot.

Wow.  Could it BE any more disappointing?  They were all sharded.... AND, not a single person managed to coin any loot either!  What a huge disappointment!!!

We did some work on Protectors, and that was pretty hectic.  Keeping up with dispels is hard, and I had just me and Morz doing it because you know how Asys is with dispels (BTW, he changed his name back to Asys from Cranked).  I think we managed to get through ONE full round of them down to 50%... but we didn't do well after that great attempt and we decided to call it a night and see how it goes on Monday.

Well done Frostwolves!


  1. Congrats on the kill!
    I'd say congrats on the loot --- but I guess it's more like "congrats on the shards!", eh?
    That's such a bummer - but at least you know you can get him down again next week!
    We're hoping to start poking Heroics this week - it looks like a fun challenge!

    1. Start on Norushen Kaila - it at least makes you feel good! Though doing Immerseus first is good too otherwise you'll wonder for the whole week if you could have done it.


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