Raiding - a little Rusty perhaps?

I think a lot of people are rusty after the break!

We had a good run on Monday with a normal run and 8 bosses down.  Hell, I think we even did an achievement!Last night we only got 7 down, but Morz's gear isn't as good as ours so we struggled a little bit.

It feels like very little loot gets taken these days!  Lushen has picked up two nice new things, and also Sabre got a warforged bow last night - very nice!

Tonight we did the rest to Paragons, leaving Garrosh for Monday.  Still no trinket or shoes for me, but Owl got loot and so did Morz, Kyxyn and Aza, so that was good!

Should we extend?  I think that since we're a bit rusty and we're still getting loot, I don't mind doing another reset and then extending the following week.  Moo has told us that he is going to go back to study so he may not have much time for WoW - which means he may retire from raiding.  That's a big loss, since he was a very regular raider.  Maybe he can still come on Sundays for Flex.

Well I caused a wipe on Malk because I didn't stand in a purple circle - though I totally think the DPS should have stood in it because I really didn't see it, I was trying to get all the shields back up - and Kyxyn killed his side in Spoils when one mob got loose and killed people.  Thok went really nicely, and superfast - that devotion aura at the start was quite nice.  I don't even think I need to get a HoP on that first bit anymore, since everyone is DPSing it so fast, can always do it later!

Blackfuse had a few hiccups - Kyxyn had a fun moment where he got thrown in the air and was slowfalling down and he was floating over some bad but couldn't get out of it - I did try to run to reach him!  And I was busted by Asys - he saw me strafe into a sawblade as I tried to get to the conveyer belt to top up someone but that didn't happen coz I noobed it up.

Anyway, after 2 nights I'm feeling back in the swing of things.  Looking forward to Monday and seeing how rust we are on Garrosh.