Raiding - Heroic Norushen was NOT what I thought!

Kyxyn and I were discussing what to do tonight, and we were tossing up whether to do Immerseus or Norushen.  I had heard that Norushen was the easiest, and I watched both videos (though Norushen is different to the video I saw).  Immerseus looked complicated to me, though I am sure with practice I would get the hang of it.

We decided that we would bring to the group some plans for the raid week. Both he and I agreed that we would like to get to Garrosh again.  However, he pointed out that there was very little non 553/561 gear that people still needed, and we were actually sharding most of our drops - so perhaps we should be doing heroics.  Armed with these supporting arguments, we brought our ideas to the raid.

Essentially we were only going to look at 2 heroics - Immerseus and Norushen.  If we wanted to still do Garrosh, we would have to still clear to at least Blackfuse by the end of Thursday night, which left us Wednesday night to do Wing 1.  Xyn and I agreed that Norushen was what we wanted to aim for, but we would like to have a look at Immerseus as well.  Most people were happy to do whatever, but Aza still needed 2 tier pieces which were from late wing 3 and 4.

So off we went to look at Immerseus.  Kyxyn explained the fight and people were itching to try it out.  I had to get Owl to switch to heals so we could sort out how we were going to do it. People get a stack every time they do direct damage to Immerseus, and each hit spawns an add.  And the stacks do exponential damage (but is dispellable)

The first go we died in what felt like 20 seconds.  Sabre blew up (from his murder of crows) and Luxy and Aza were not sure why their stacks kept climbing when they had stopped DPSing. Sev was being smug, as he didn't seem to be having that problem.  We all stood on one pie piece and the tank on another, and then we tried switching pie pieces when the tanks taunted.  It took us a quite a few goes but eventually we made it through one phase 1 and 2 before he popped back up again - in that attempt I was the only idiot who died when he popped back up (I think I got some damage by the pool or something when it grew bigger), but we had a good play for half an hour, and I think Aza was a bit disappointed we didn't persist, but we were determined to go look at Norushen.

I watched the Fatboss video but Kyxyn and Lush/Aimei told me that it is NOT like that at all.  There is no slow corruption creep so people don't need to keep being purified.  So I went in to get purified and so I could help soak balls, and our first go was a little slow on the switches in and out of the other zone and a delay on bloodlust, so we wiped ... at 2%.

OMG, wow, we can SO do this!

So the next go, we did the same things... except Aimei died when he was in the zone but we managed to recover from that and have the healers soaking, and we got it JUST in the nick of time with 15 secs to go. Hell, I even tried to DPS, but I think next time I'm just going to focus on healing.

Now the cool thing is - no loot was sharded! Sabre was a lucky dog again - we already laud how he's got the highest ilvl in the guild with 4 piece normal tier, and warforged helm, neck, bracers, bow, ring and trinket (he doesn't have anything with an ilvl less than 561) and guess what dropped! Warforged heroic Quarantine Shoulderguards!  I don't know if he will use it as it will break his 4 set, but that's still pretty cool. It was mail night, with Cranked/Asys getting Shadow-binder's Kilt. I was lucky too, I managed to roll warforged Confident Grips - though the stats on them are terrible for me, but I think I will use them anyway.

We decided to push as far as we could get, and we up to Iron Juggernaut on normal mode. Sabre had to leave - after all there was no more warforged heroic gear to be had really LOL - so I had to bring Morz in. I had lent Morz to Triarchi so they could raid (they were missing a few peeps), and he spent the whole night wiping on Immerseus.  We picked his brains after, to see if we could learn some tips, but he said he learned more about what NOT to do rather than what to do.

So exciting!  We're actually doing heroic stuff!  I can't believe it!

So, tonight, the plan is to get as far as we can, because we want to get to Garrosh!  Hopefully at least to Blackfuse.  I'm hoping we get Paragons down - maybe I can try for the achievement!


  1. WoW those loots stats are crazy high! Congrats on killing the boss Navimie! =)

  2. Wow! Congrats on your first heroic kill! :D
    That sounds so exciting! I really love how you and your guildies don't get discouraged and keep on trying. Really pays off in the end. Enjoy your shiny new loot!

    1. Thanks Kay! I will have to check in on you guys soon!

  3. Yay that is so AWESOME!!

    Grats guys!

    1. Thanks Lyss! How is the new home?

    2. Trying to adjust to no longer being an officer, but enjoying myself none the less :)

  4. I always believe in you and the power of the Frostwolves!


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