Raiding - Lucky loots and ready for Garrosh again!

The plan for today was to clear as far as we can so we can get in a Garrosh kill this week.  The raid started a little early, like we had planned, but I got on just before 9pm and fortunately missed a little bit of the trash for Dark Shaman.  Morz and Raked came along as replacements for Aza and Sabre, and Raked was hoping to pick up some gear.  Every time he doesn't come his stuff drops, which is always the way with RNG.

I wanted to boost my confidence for healing the two tanks up the top, so I went and did that again, and this time I didn't die, phew.  Bad start to the loot night though, with all the loot getting sharded.

On to Nazgrim, and only Aimei got some offspec loot (Tier gloves) and I sharded the sword.  But by Malkorok, things were looking up.  Warforged Halberd of Inner Shadows dropped and Raked nearly wet his pants! He whispered me twice in case I had somehow forgotten that it was the thing he really really wanted, and Owl said that I should have charged him double GP for asking twice LOL.  I got Bracers of Averted Fatality, and I decided to use them over my Castlebreaker bracers for the haste.

Spoils of Pandaria went well and Raked took warforged Mantid Carapace Augments and Morz got Lost Necklace of the Mogu Empress.  Aza swapped with Sev for Thok  The fight was messy (and hard with no hunter), with Raked getting trampled on the first pass, and we had to wipe after that.  Healing was a little heavy as well because I couldn't get the poisons off very well by myself.  The kill was messy and there was only Owl and the two tanks left at the end, but Aza was ecstatic to get his Tier helm, and Kyxyn was thrilled to get Thok's tail tip.

We got to Blackfuse and Aza said "Are we doing the thing?"

Thing? I was confused. What thing?

Kyxyn said "Yep! Go for it!"

"What thing?" I asked.

Apparently, you can bug the trash before Blackfuse to make them go away.  That trash gives me the poops anyway - can't cc them, they just smash the tanks...  So I FRAPSed what Aza did because I had no idea what was about to happen.  So... this is what he did.

Whoops, yeah you can hear us talking. Well, you can't hear me talking, but I did squeal when we all got yanked over to Blackfuse.  So after we were on Blackfuse's then the trash reset on the platform like this, totally freaking me out.

"Don't worry, you can't hit them," said Kyxyn.
"They're FRIENDLY now, Nav!" said Aza.

So I had to go see.  Yep there I am standing next to a damned Sellsword.

Ok, way weird and creepy, I still kept my distance from them for the whole fight.  It did mean that we couldn't wipe because the trash would be up there and aggro us, apparently.  Unfortunately, we did wipe but thank goodness for soulstone and Mass Rez!

Lushen and Morz both managed to roll their trinkets (Ticking Ebon Detonator and Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity) and Kyxyn got Siegecrafter's Forge Hammer and Aimei took the Tier shoulders.

We cleared all the way to Paragons, so we will get all of Monday for Garrosh. Finally Vanquisher legs dropped for Raked and the ning-nong thought they were gloves and didn't want them, but we forced them on him and he realised his error. Asys was excited to get Korven's Crimson Crescent for offspec and it was a very satisfying loot night indeed!


  1. Great bit GRATS to the whole team!


  2. Now that's interesting about Siegecrafter as the trash can get seriously annoying. ;;;;
    Congrats on clearing all the way to Garrosh! Lots of shiny new loot for your members! That's where we also left off last night, so I'm hoping to see the big guy go down tonight. Fingers crossed everyone will feel just as determined as I am!


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