PvP - 2 new achievements, and a deserved loss

It's not often I get achievements in PvP anymore, but I was surprised to land not one but TWO on Friday night!

I was actually just 33 points short of Grievous Conquest at the end of last week as I hit conquest cap so I was itching to do some sort of PvP to get those last points.  My attempts at random BGs were horrible earlier in the week, so I was looking forward to Friday where I could get some.  Sev, Shab and I were joined by Triarchi and we did one BG - I think it was Battle for Gilneas - and I got my achievement.

We did a few arenas and did quite well for a Friday - maybe it's because we had dropped a bracket and had some easier teams. But then we went back to BGs, and got into Eye of the Storm (wow haven't done that for ages) and I had this warlock whisper me and saying "If you want to win this BG, heal the DK".  I noticed they were from the same server, so I decided to see what he was like.  Wow, that DK could churn out some damage, and then the warlock asked if I would please heal him as well, so I did.  I stayed with the two of them until someone said in the BGchat "Do I cap the flag or hold it?" and the warlock replied "Who the fuck cares dumbass".  I said to the lock that the comment was not cool, and I left them and ran to the middle to get him to cap, but the flag carrier died.  It turned good in the end because that BG won with a 4 cap, and I got the last 4 cap win I needed for my achievement.  Woo!

There was some bugginess as well.  Sev and Shab switched to their healers, and we queued for BGs - always a bad move because we inevitably end up with lousy DPS and losing.  It was a Twin Peaks and I ended up picking up the flag and Shab and Sev took turns healing me - and it was buggy because I never got the stacking debuff.  Unfortunately for us our DPS didn't work on the rogue who was the EFC and so it was a dreadful draw - probably just as well, since we did have an unfair advantage, and I don't particularly like cheating.

I picked up my last Tyrannical item (trinket) and now any extra conquest will be used for... oh I don't know... a feral PvP set perhaps?  I need to learn to play first though!


  1. Gratz on the PvP achievements and gear! A feral PvP set could help you be sneaky and steal kb's on the isle! :D


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