New achievements and pets this week

We got one achievement in raid this week - I didn't even know how we didn't get it before, it seemed so easy... all we had to do was rescue a set of caged prisoners, a group of unwilling combat participants, and Ji Firepaw before we killed Dark Shaman.  I thought we always rescued everyone..

I decided to sign up for an Openraid HoF achievement run which was pretty cool except for the fact that I stuffed up the first achievement!  The owner of the raid was there to do the Ambershaper achievement but he was really nice and helped everyone do all of them.  Triarchi and Luxy came and kept me company (whilst Kyxyn was shocked that I would rather do achievements that go and queue for Ordos) and got some achieves too, but they both had to leave early and missed the Ambershaper one.

I had to leave and do something so I missed them killing Empress, but lucky for me I already had that achievement.

Then later in the afternoon Asys' friends Riptyde and Vinyl took me on another Challenge mode and I managed to get another gold.

I even was inspired to dig!  Slowly getting all these archaeology achievements out of the way...

Woot, cracked 19k on Navimie this week!  Next stop.. 20k!

My Recruit-a-Friend pet finally arrived (thanks Kamalia!) and I chose a Zipao Tiger.

And a big thanks to Matty for giving me a Rotten Helper this Christmas!