My WoW New Year Resolutions

This week on WoWInsider I saw this:
We're coming up on the new year, so it's time for new year's resolutions. For this week's Community Blog Topic we ask, "What are your World of Warcraft resolutions?"
We all know New Year's resolutions never last so let's see how many of these I can do!

  • Get Lushnek to level a Horde alt to 90 for me in exchange for me levelling his pet battling. You know why I want a max level Horde alt?  So I can pick up Dark Soil.  It drives me nuts when I see it all over the ground in Pandaria and I can't pick it up.
  • Find someone I can do some YOLO RBGs with.  Triarchi has some buddies on Tich - maybe I can get him to sneak me into one. Or maybe I could nag my friend Smehly to get on and organise some - after all, I did get him a poster from Blizzcon (in exchange for RBGs :P he wanted to pay me but I said I wanted RBGs and so far he hasn't gotten on at the same times as me)
  • Clean up the Donations tabs in the guild bank.  Or delegate that to one of the other officers. Or get Aza to do it - he has threatened to sell it all because those two tabs disgust him!
  • Do at least one Challenge Mode dungeon every week.
  • Learn how to feral properly
  • Curb my swearing in PvP. I WILL try.  Really.
  • Show some respect to Kyxyn.  I am going to see how long I can go without making any cheeky remarks.  And I will not respond to his barbs. Yep, I can see this one lasting...
  • Level my Alliance alt to 90.  Hmm, that might have been last year's resolution... Yeah and I think I got one level on her in 2013.
  • Get all my battle pets to at least green!
  • Kill GARROSH!
So what are your WoW in game resolutions? :)


  1. I'm not really doing resolutions this year. I'm doing three words instead. Right now they are Healthy, True, and Do. I'm thinking of changing one to Tenacity.

    But, there is at least one WoW related thing I really want to do. I want that stupid legendary cloak, dagnabbit! Sure, I may never raid on my Belf Zwingli, but I feel it would be a fitting cap on the top of a fun expansion for him.
    Oh, and be nice to Kyxyn. He's been staying up late to talk with me on vent. :)

    1. I will be nice to him! I'm usually nice to him... when he's nice to me

  2. Hmm ...
    - Meet Gul'dan.
    - Finish levelling my Death Knight to 90 pre-warlords.
    - Encourage Navi to swear in PvP (it's half the entertainment damnit ... heck, it's all of the entertainment if she does it with her daughter listening!)
    - Kill Garrosh, tear out his soul, and torment it unceasingly until he agrees that warlocks are really pretty nice people, actually, then feed it to a pitlord ... preferably past-Mannoroth ('cause we also have a great sense of humour).

  3. "Show some respect to Kyxyn."

    You mean you haven't been?


    *splashes tears in face*

  4. You really should get a blue to 90. There's no shame in one of each, even for someone who's never really liked alts.

    And donation tabs. Yes, I think every guild leader recognizes that problem. Heck, I need to clean up a number of my toons in general, but that donation section needs cleaning up fierce.

  5. I thought of you immediately this morning when Sasche was trying to find the prize winning chicken and was standing by a pile of dark soil. It killed her not to be able to pick it up so I jumped on someone who could to get it. It was great, you NEED a dark soil alt!

  6. good luck with your resolutions! Getting ALL of your battle pets to green is going to be intense :D


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