Minipost: Raiding - Close! So close!

I was wondering if we'd be rusty, having not run Garrosh for a while.  And the first few attempts.. I would say we were rusty.  It was a bit pathetic!  We had people dying from all sorts of things - standing in Garrosh's bad stuff, taking lots of damage from his stomps.

But we started doing great.  We were in the empowered phase.  OMG, we were killing it... we were so close!  But in our excitement to burn we lost focus on our MC'd people and then we were all controlled.  We got Garrosh down to 2.7 million - that's under 1% - a few more well placed hits might have got it - it would have been goddamn messy, but, it was close.  But no banana.

Anyway, people were nervous about next week.  Understandable.  I tend to like extending a raid when we're close to a kill.  But considering how easy it was to get there, I thought it would be easy to do it again, and with a few chances of loot still... every little bit helps.

So we end the raid week with everyone being thrilled with our progress, and I was pleased that I got back in the swing of healing Garrosh.  I was so bad with my switches of Efflo for those first few attempts... I was so busy trying to remember to roar for when we went to the Terrace dream sequence... and I was trying to focus on knockbacks and interrupts (I managed to do ONE and Aza even said I did good!  Now that made me happy since I can't do any kind of interrupt to save my life when I've got healer tunnel vision) and I have my fingers crossed for next week.  Bring it on, baby!


  1. That is so awesome!!! So gut wrenching to be so close...You guys can get the bananananas!!


  2. Getting so close to 14/14 is a great feeling! My guild also had a few attempts at Garrosh, but no dice! I was a bit heartbroken about letting go of the lock, but their reasoning was the same as yours: more gear never hurts. Guess it's true, enough. Would just like that wolf before it's gone. ;~;

    Your blog makes me miss healing on my Tauren resto druid (my very first toon). Switched to Alliance and went priest, but that toon will forever be special.

    Good luck with Garrosh this week! :D

    1. Good luck with your wolf! And thank you for visiting! I hope you get Garrosh this week - because I am determined to get it down, and hope that some lucky fairy dust makes it all go your way!


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