Minipost: Now this pet I'll NEVER see!

Server shutdowns.  What a great way to ruin my Tuesday!  So I decided to pop over to EU to see if I could find some people to Navispam, and neither target was not online (and she is hard to pin down, by the way) but Davidian was online, sporting a new level 90 resto druid!  I told him I highly approved of his choice of noble class.

He pulled out a pet to show me that I'd never seen before, and will never see - Lurky!  Lurky was a bonus from the EU Burning crusade CE, so that's not something I could play with.

We waited for ages trying to get Lurky to dance for us but he wouldn't do it.  I even waited the full half hour! Poor Davidian had to put up with me chattering away for the whole time :D


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