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Now I can't remember WHY LilPeanut was doing this giveaway but I was lucky enough to have gotten her to make me one - I've love typography and would love to try my hand at it sometime but Lilpeanut's ones always look fab!

So earlier this week I got a tweet saying mine was done!  Chocolate and happy flowers - very cute!  As I am sure my guildies will agree (/cough) I am sweet and cheerful all the time - as well as addictive, prone to melting in the heat, need constant watering (or washing my face with cold water) and sometimes associated with nuts.

Thanks Lilpeanut! :D  It's brilliant and I have a nice new (egocentric) twitter background! :D

On Friday, I made a complete idiot out of myself at work.  I logged in, was going to do some Celestial Tournament and did a quick login /ninjawave to Serrinne and Tikari in Apotheosis (as I went to check my /played on my toon there to figure out how long it took me to level) - couldn't figure out which was Jasyla's hunter - and Serrinne told me they got a new boss down :)

Beruthiel was online so I waved at her and she told me she said something to Sodah about me on the latest Team Waffle Podcast (Resto druid round table #4).  I was like Wut?? So I had a listen... and omg my mouth fell open in surprise, slight embarrassment and didn't know if I wanted to hug or strangle Beru!  LOL!  Even my workmates commented and asked me why I was giggling to myself and looking a little embarrassed!  You can listen to it here if you dont' see the player below.

Anyway, I just had to share that small embarrassing but cute squeeee moment. If only Sodah did remember! I blame Shabahdu for turning me into a goddamn groupie.

God, I still listen to that excerpt and blush.  Thanks Beru! LMAO!


  1. Yes I still think of those cap bars melting in the sun. The hearts were nicely shielded from the heat and were still perfect. Peanut's image looks great and that snippet is priceless.

  2. Now that you're internationally known as Sodah's number one fan girl, I think you should be appointed as president of the Sodah Groupie Association. Est 2014.


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