How to heal pets within the celestial tournament

Some weeks ago I met someone who was struggling against the Thundering Earth Spirit.  I waved to him, and he returned the wave.  He was alliance - so I did a Luxy and sent a btag request so I could chat to him. He had just started pet battling and I gave him some tips on how to beat the Thundering Spirit and how to use it to kick start levelling on level 1 pets.  He was grateful and every now and then would ask a few questions about pet battles and I would answer them and he told me how his goal was to do the celestial tournament.  I wished him luck and said if he ever needed help just to ask.

Today I saw him, and not only had he completed the celestial tournament and had a stable of 55 max level pets, he told me that he defeated the celestials with just 3 pets!  I was baffled, how did he do that?

And so the student became the teacher!

He used the Pandaren water Spirit, Chrominius and Magic Lamp.  The combination of Geyser, Whirlpool and Howl knocked out Zao and he used Magic Lamp's Wish to heal up his pets during Yu'la and abandoning the fight and then healing up the next pet when rebattling, then knocked out Chi Chi and Xu-Fu. Make sure Yu'la goes last so you can keep healing! I gave it a go - it's doable!  But it makes the tournament a little bit longer, and I want to just get it out of the way so I can get my coin.

So for someone like me who already has set teams for each celestial and can knock them out quickly it's not particularly helpful, but for someone who hasn't got enough pets for a team, it's a great idea and lets you get away with 3 pets for the last 3 instead of 9, like I do.

Other pets that have Wish include Zao and Magical Crawdad - so don't despair if you don't have Magic Lamp!


  1. I had known about using a pet heal ability to heal up your teams but had never tried it. Interesting set-up using just one team to knock out the opponents though. I stopped doing the tournament a few weeks ago but every now and then I think I'll do it again just for shits and giggles. It hasn't happened yet!


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