Flex raiding - my first raid of the year

Landed back after being overseas (again!) and was dying to do any kind of raiding.  Sunday was flex day but most people didn't think anything was happening so the only people online were the officers.  Moo, Kyxyn, Sev, Aimei/Lushnek and myself were on, and after a quick chat to Triarchi, he said that his guild would like to do something so I said we should do a flex together.  Asys' friend Vinyl also turned up on his hunter Jurlok so I thought since we had a raid of raiders, we might as well do Wings 3 and 4.

The run went rather smoothly.  We started out with just 11 ppl but by the time we reached Garrosh that had stretched out till 15.  And even that wasn't so bad.  Wow, it's really nice doing Thok with 2 Devotion Auras - so much damage went out in that first phase (though it was Flex) that there wasn't really much to do after that.

When we got to Garrosh, we did it surprisingly fast.  Our first attempt was a bit fail - Jurlok didn't manage to kill the engineer (which I teased him about), and Rellim, the disc priest from Illidari Remnants/Omega stood in a weird spot and deposited the desecrate there.  But we wiped that one up and the next go we killed Garrosh.  That was the first time I had killed Garrosh in Flex, and it seemed to go by so easily!  Everyone kept telling me to roll for the BoA legendaries - but really, am I going to use that?  I don't have any alts!  But what the hell, I have so many coins now, might as well, right?

It did make me wonder what it would be like if we attempted Garrosh with this group.  However, by that stage we had 9 people from Omega, and 5 from Frostwolves, and Jurlok.  And it wouldn't be fair if to our raiders if we did do it, because they would want to be there, and then how do you decide which of their guild to kick out... no it wouldn't work, and I think it was just my over excited mind being starved of raiding for couple of weeks that made me consider it in the first place.

I realised a couple of things.  One, now I know why Jasyla and Beru don't particularly enjoy healing with Disc Priests - there is seriously nothing to do.  I expend mana but heals don't penetrate because of damned shields - it just encourages me to be more lazy!  I was getting smashed by the disc priest - and I know it's not a competition, but I do like to feel useful.

Secondly, their top DPS was a feral druid.  I'm sure some feral druid out there will tell me otherwise, but I found it strange that it was better than their warlock.  But maybe their warlock isn't very good... LOL

Anyway, it was a nice warm up for the week.  Who knows - if we ever get to mythic at least we have some people we can ask to fill in perhaps!


  1. Wow, that is awesome that a feral druid was their top dps, they must have some super secret butt-finder addon. I'll have to go look for it, lol!


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