What headset do you use? And OMG Steelseries makes a NAVI headset!

I had heard of Steelseries but I never really thought much about what they were like as peripherals until I went to Blizzcon.  I remember that whilst Lushnek, Hyad, Balinar, Pel and I were playing Warlords of Draenor I put on the headset and I was REALLY impressed by it.  I forgot to look at what it was - it was super comfy though! - but all I remember is that it was white.  I didn't see a mic on it so I thought it was just the headset.  After that I thought about getting a Steelseries headset.

Then today when I thought I would look it up to see what they cost, I saw this:

Thats right, this headset was called a Navi headset.  And it's in bright colours.  And it's Limited Edition.  The Siberia Elite was shown at Blizzcon (which goes for $238 from centre.com).  The Navi is a Siberia V2.

Damn, I should have gotten a Steelseries when I was at Blizzcon - you could get it 30% off!  Could have brought it home and sold it!

Shab recently bought a new headset, and it was a Steelseries.  However, his mic is horrible!  He said that the headset is a bit tight so I'm not sure if he likes it or not.  I wonder, is there anyone else out there who uses a Steelseries?

It would be ridiculously superficial of me to buy a headset because it has my toon's name on it, and it's got pretty colours.  But I have to say, it's tempting.  It's not that expensive either - it's going for about $70 on Ebay.  That's a hell of a lot cheaper than a Sennheiser PC 360 (which is going for $166 at eglobal, but up to $300 everywhere else) which in my opinion is a king of a headset.

I already have a reasonable headset, I'm using the Logitech G930 which can be corded or cordless so I can walk to the kitchen (and heaven forbid, the toilet - just have to make sure I've muted the mic just in case I have open mic on!) and still hear what's going on and run back in time if I hear a queue pop or if someone is back from AFK.
However, I have some weird issues with my headset.  Like, when it's plugged in to charge with the microUSB, you can't turn it on.  You have to pull the charger out, then turn it on, then plug the charger back in.  The other weird thing with my headset is that it turns off by itself every now and then, and it's not related to battery life.  That is HELL annoying when you're in arena.  And I also don't like the extra space on my desktop that the wireless hub takes up.

I'd love to hear what headsets people use!  Post a reply to let me know what's gracing your ears and what you love or don't love about it!


  1. I use 2 headsets. A Sennheiser 360 which was my birthday present to myself last year and Logitech G35s (the sennheiser replaced them) for when I'm on my laptop because the Sennheiser doesn't have a usb connector. The Sennhesier is lovely to wear, its really super light and the earmuff bits are super soft and sounds are great through it though I had ppl comment when I first changed to it that I sounded different. A year on and it's used every single day and the only thing I've noticed is the microphone boom is a little looser from pushing it up and down to mute when its noisy in here and I don't want to blast ppl's ears off (I raid using skype a lot so its always open mic). The downside is as you've mentioned the pricetag.
    The logitech is a bit heavier and clunkier and the earmuff and headpiece are made of vinyl(ish) fabric (no idea what it is really) and I'm on my 2nd pair because the first pair the bit around the ears disintegrated. They were still under warrenty so were replaced by logitech and this pair seem fine but they dont get the use the older pair used to. They are quite clear to listen through and to talk through but no where near as comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The nice thing about them is that they have a mute button on the side of the left ear bit so i don't have to be moving the mic boom all the time and they have a red light that lights up on the mic when it's muted so i know that if i'm raging behind the screen no one can hear me :) sometimes i shout and then have to double check that I have pushed my Senny's boom up enough (it just makes a click sound when you've pushed it high enough to activate mute). The downside is the weight of them.

  2. I use the Logitech headphones, too. I got a pair for $5 at the swap meet (don't think the gal had a clue what she had!) and they have been going strong (except for the cutting out thing) for a year now. The pair my hubby bought for $70 went wonky and won't charge (he handed them to me when we got the swap meet pair, just to be safe. Didn't help!) I used to use a pair of Skullcandy Aviators that had an inline mic on the chord, but the years have been unkind and the mic no longer works. For comfort, I'd totally get another pair of Skullcandy headphones, but for funcionality the Logitech wins.

    Oh, and I totally don't use that dock. I just slap that USB connector right into my laptop port.

  3. I use the Corsair Vengeance.

    The sound is good and I like that it is wireless. However, the headset is huge! I kind of feel like a dork wearing it and it gets heavy after a while.

  4. Hey Navi!

    I've had my Turtle Beach Ear Force Z11 for almost a month now, and it's been pretty good. I've used it most days on WoW, and I've also used it while watching videos on my pc and ipad.

    It really has been nice.

    The only negative thing has been my glasses. Most of the time, everything fits nice and there isn't any discomfort. But, every now and then I don't have them sitting on my head just right and there is undue pressure on my glasses (over my ear). It starts to hurt after a little while.

    I guess that the mic is good. You could tell me, if not. I've used it on our vent exclusively over the past month. If it doesn't sound good, then please tell me.


  5. If you have a big head (like me), Audio Technica have the rep as being the most comfortable. I have been using the same headset since WOTLK (ATH-AD300) and they are as good as they day I bought them (for $100 dollars too!).

    headphones.com.au is a great place to get info, ask questions etc btw Nav. I have also bought from them as their prices are pretty good.


  6. I have just changed my headset from a Plantronics 780 to the Turtle Beach Z300 Wireless...they both deliver excellent quality and feel great on the melon after a long period of time. A bit pricey for the Z300 but reasonable for a wireless headset.


  7. Disco and I both use the Steelseries Siberia as well, though it's the earlier version than the one you have linked here. I absolutely love it and have no intentions of changing for a long time to come! Don't let Disco's mic quality put you off, though. Something is wrong with his computer so he uses a USB desktop mic instead of the one built into his headset.

  8. I used a Microsoft one for quite some time, and they've been cool and going strong for .. ooh .. probably a couple of years now .. but they've just started disintegrating. My OH (:p) has been using Plantronics 780 - he'd had a pair for about 18 months with no problem (bearing in mind that not only do we use them on raid nights, but the kids use them when they're watching videos, playing games, etc (we have our two PC's side by side) - so they do get chucked around a lot. I tried his on, but found them rather loose and too big. However .. they've just broken - apparently there is a reported flaw with them snapping in a certain place after around 18 months. But he liked them that much (AND they were within our price range, which was pretty low), that we ordered another set.

    When they arrived, I tried them on, and he obviously has a bigger head than me, and had "stretched" the previous ones over time .. the new ones were a much better fit and very comfy, if a bit bulky ... so I've bitten the bullet and ordered a set for myself.

    I did look at the Turtle Beach ones, but they've had some poor reviews. I also fancied the Steelseries ones, however, I recently was bought one of their WoW Shift keyboard bundles, which turned out to be the wrong one (it was US instead of UK, so lost my currency button, and a few others are in the wrong place/missing) ... either I'm particularly unlucky, or Steelseries Customer Service is horrible. I sent them a message on the 10th November and I've had no proper response from them, despite several chase-up emails. So not planning on buying anything else from them in the near future ..


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