Raiding - What was that? 2 wings + 2? A new Frosties flex record surely!

I am glad that whatever kept people from logging in whilst I was away did not persist when I returned.  We had a nice healthy number of raiders turn up for Flex yesterday (meaning more than 10) which included some people whom I was pleased to see.

We had our usual crowd - the raiding officers were there (Lush/Aimei, Moo, Sev and myself) with Asys, KyXyn and Luxy.  Faith and Tacky were there (I think of them as our regular Flexers) with Sars (who warned me he might have to suddenly logoff for RL stuff). Priestietute turned up late but she made it.  I had forgotten about Exray and Lushen /smacks hand but once Priestie was in she grabbed them. I was pleased to see Zeirah coming on her priest - it had been a while since we played with her - and amazingly Arv got up a well.  But the biggest surprise to me was seeing Balinar who, since Blizzcon, had been working hard to get his gear up to scratch and even stayed up from 1am-4am just to raid.  Crazy Americans.  But I was pleased to see him.

My friend Crits, whom I met via trade channel (I enchanted some stuff for him), came along too.  He has been playing solo WoW for a while and was happily levelling alts and doing LFR.  Sometimes it's funny how you can make friends through trades - he was so generous with his tips that I said that he could come any time and have his chants for free and then when he refused I said I would take gems as trades instead of tips. So he would cut me gems and every now and then I would get a couple of my favourite cuts filtering into my mailbox.  Of course, I felt this was unbalanced so I sent him a dancing steel enchant, which unfortunately resulted in more gems and even pets being thrown my way.  But we became friends after that and chatted all the time, and he would wonder why I had no alts, and I would wonder why he didn't raid.

So last week he wanted to ask me a big favour - and he wondered if he could put one of his many alts into Frostwolves.  Of course I was delighted - and I didn't know which of his alt army I would get, but it turned out he wanted to put his healer there.  I said that he probably would only be able to do Flex at the moment but to see how he liked that and if he wanted to raid in WoD.  So last night he came to our flex to see if he would like it there.

Flex is always a time when I feel most cheeky and so I went around inviting everyone in the guild.  Then Moo said "Where's Luxy?  She's online, why didn't you invite her?"
"I did," I said.  "Maybe she's AFK.  Let me try again."  I invited her and she instantly joined the group.
"I see how it is," she said. "I'm the LAST to be invited to raid!"
"But I invited you before!" I replied.  "I know what it was!  You know how you keep inviting and then you forget to convert to raid and then you reach 5 and you forget to reinvite the ones who didn't get in whist it was still a party..."
Luxy was skeptical.  No, that's putting it mildly. She didn't believe me.  "Likely story!" she exclaimed.

So we filled out our groups and set off.  I really need to remember to
  1. Stop talking and actually QUEUE the Flex raid
  2. Repromote everyone after we get into the raid
So we decided to do wings 1 and 3 today, and we knocked the first wing out in a bit under an hour (slight hiccup with an early pull on Sha - read about that below).  Balinar didn't know what to do on Norushen because they don't have balls to click in LFR (heh) which of course started Moo off on his sweaty balls talk. Luxy declared that she was disturbed to be listening to his sweaty ball talk and that Moo should be banned from vent and we all laughed as Moo owns our vent!

We then went on to Wing 3.  Arv joined in somewhere halfway through.  Some slight hiccups from miscommunications - Kyxyn doesn't like people opening boxes in Treasures unless he has discussed it with people - and we did the first 2 well except for Thok which seemed to have lots of people dying from various raid mechanics.  In the end it worked out better when they let get Thok get 10 stacks of... something which must have meant he took more damage and we did more healing.  I noobed it up by running to rez Luxy and then getting trampled by Thok.  Our final kill attempt was so different to the first ones that I am not even sure what we did that different.  I had made Crits drop because we needed DPS not heals and KyXyn was convinced we had too many healers.  He's probably right, and I would drop but I think they need me around just to add some light entertainment.  (Though I need to work out my BoPs better so I can tranq at a point that's NOT when the priests have their bubble up OR when the whole roar thing is over.  I'm such a nitwit LOL!)

Poor Zeirah was apologising to me non stop for her hilarious mistakes during raid.  They didn't bother me at all, but she felt mortified but I kept reassuring her it was alright.  She accidentally pulled Sha early by standing too close - that made Aimei out of sync and poor Asys ended up with a ton of pride and I thought we weren't going to get it cleared in time - but it was cleared JUST in the nick of time.  Z also stood in some bad Malk... and like me she got trampled by Thok.  It made me feel better - see you CAN be a heroic raider and make some mistakes! :)  It was good to have her raiding - she knows so many people in the raid anyway.

Balinar was itching to do Galakras so we made a raid just for that and knocked out Gala and Iron Juggernaut.  I wasn't going to take Tacky at first because we had some undergeared people, but then a nudge from Zeirah brought me back to reality and I took him along and apologised profusely for forgetting the basic thing I had promised myself for Flex raids - that we do it as a guild and we do it for fun.  It was all fine and we did great - except that Balinar died after Iron Juggernaut died because of a dot and of course the usual conversation ensued:
Balinar: "What happened?"
Navi: "Oops, what happpened to you?"
Balinar: "I died. Not sure what happened there..."
Navi: "I'm surprised Kyxyn hasn't said 'I know what happened to you.  You died from lack of heals.'"
Kyxyn: "I'm glad you said it and not me!"

I think we're almost at the point where we can do wing 2 as the starter.  Ugh, I can't believe I am even saying that. Kyxyn teased me about loving wing 2 - yes, I love it as much as I love stabbing my eyes with a pen.  But given how we went, I think we might be ok doing it with what we have.  But that's up for discussion later.  In the meantime, I'll wait till Crits and his friend get on so I can throw them a guild invite together - I think it would be nice for them to come together to a new guild so it doesn't feel so alienating. Exray and Lushen haven't made it over yet - but now I don't feel like it's so critical as I am filling my ranks up slowly for WoD.


  1. lol Navi, thank you for taking my priest along. God I can't believe how bad I was on my priest, shows just how much I rely on my druids health pool and displacer beast to get me out of trouble - yep I'm definately getting a little lazy in my habits :(. And Sha - omg /facepalm, I was so concentrating on wanting to put penance on one of the tanks - that is such a pretty spell I use it 90% of the time just so I can see its spell effect :P - and I didn't even look at how close I was inching to the boss. But I had fun and its great raiding with you guys - I swear I could just sit and listen to you all talk for hours. Im starting to love my raid team but the conversation is miles away from your raid and I do like being in your raid :)

    1. you are always welcome Z! It's fun to have you there :)


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