Raiding - Progress on Garrosh but a kill will have to wait till next year

We decided that since raiding will be suspended over Christmas, we would try to have as many attempts on Garrosh as we could, so Sunday's flex raid became a one wing flex and the rest of the night on Garrosh normal.  It was supposed to be Flex 1 but none of the social raiders turned up - I had told everyone that we were starting Flex raid early at 8pm - but not that many people got the message!  All the raiders who turned up were experienced, so instead of wasting time on Wing 1 we did Wing 3 instead, where at least I know there were a few upgrades to be had for some people.  And that went down pretty smoothly.  Jilliane and Yig turned up at 830 and we got them into the Flex raid, but the rest of the raid consisted of our main raiders as well some of the Concur guys - Riptyde, Nova and Medio.  Asys was healing really well, and I thought it was because his Blackrock buddies were online.

So then it was onto Garrosh.  I needed a bit of a refresher so I after a few attempts 3 healing it with Owl healing, I got the hang of it and we dropped down to 2 healing.  At first it was terrible.  Tanks died.  People died.  I got really frustrated and was about to have an emo fit at 10pm when we hadn't gotten as far as we had with our first attempt 3 healing.  Then it started to go well, and we were in the swing of it.  We at least got up to the 3rd dream phase which was progress for me and... 25% Phase 2?  I am not sure of the phases, and I didn't see a big purple arm but we did have empowered AoE stuff which I accidentally stuffed up by running and tranq'ing in the opposite direction to the rest of the raid.  Doh.  But at least I figured out my healing stuff, I was struggling for mana before because of a lot of rescue healing, but I think now I've gotten into the swing of it - I'm even eating Int food now instead of mana food.

So that was the end of the raiding year for Frostwolves.  Not a bad go and I have a good feeling about January.  Raids are going to recommence on Jan 6th (Monday) so we we can do a 7 boss clear and then have a reset and then clear again on Wednesday and we may extend depending on how we are doing.  We will probably keep the Garrosh group the same for learning purposes but all other wings will be substituted in with the rest of our raiders up till Garrosh.