Raiding - Halfway there!

Last night we had an amazing run!  We got down Dark Shaman with 10 minutes left before the end of raid and I was super proud of my raiders for knocking it over so quickly.  Especially when we have such a short raid and Morz was given a trial by fire and 2 healing with me.

At the start of raid time, we had 13 people turn up, INCLUDING Raked.  I asked Raked where he had been, and he said that Mrs Raked had told him he plays too much and he had to stop playing.  However, he was moping around the house and she relented and let him play again.  But I had to tell him that he had been replaced, but he still tanked the first 2 with Aimei and Kyxyn came back for the rest of the raid.  Sabre sat out, and so did Bish, so that left us with
Tanks: Aimei/Lush, Kyjenn and Raked swapping
DPS: Moopie, Sevrus, Aza, Luxy, Owl (Exray), Lushen
Heals: Navimie, Morzierz

The bracers dropped from Immerseus, and I realised that they would be better for Owl than for me so I passed on them. Morz had the pre-Protector's nagging about dispels and so he did his best to dispel. I missed one and he missed one but it was a lot better without all that extra to heal.  It was good.  Norushen had some really heavy damage, and I had to yell at people to soak the purple orbs.  Aza has been soaking orbs lately but I really wish that people about to enter the other zone would take an orb before they go in!  I really did worry people would die and Exray/Owl did a tranq at just the right moment so we all got nicely topped off.  Sha of Pride was 2 healed as well and I've decided that Xyn was right, I worry too much.  I should just let them do it and believe they can do it and we will succeed.

I wussed out and we 3 healed Galakras which was damned messy coz Owl respecced to resto for it, and then died right before the boss came down.  So for that part, me and Morz 2 healed it and we used everything. I died at 7% and told everyone to use personal cooldowns and healthstones and we got it. Phew! Morz got a healing staff yay!

Then onto Iron Juggernaut which we 2 healed as well.  I was worried but there was nothing to worry about! It went well, with only Moo dying just once from a bomb and I felt a real sense of achievement.  I know that other guilds 2 heal it all the time, but I hadn't done it before!

On to Dark Shaman, which we 3 healed.  I went up the top and our first attempt was buggy because the boss got caught on the tiled part and wouldn't move off it, and then when the boys tried to run away the boss would teleport them back to him!  So we died.  But our second attempt was good, and it was damned challenging to heal as a druid but I managed to do it (just!) and we got through it just fine!  I think next time, Asys can do it!

Most of the loot last night was DE'd or offspec.  But tonight it's Nazgrim then we should have a whole 1.5 days to work on Malkorok!  And I forgot to roll on Iron Juggernaut for my bracers, poop!

It was a really good run, and fast.  I think everyone was really pleased with our push this week, and looking forward to tonight's raid.  Well done, Frostwolves!


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