Minipost: Meeting up with Voros and Sev

I usually see Sevrus when I go back to see my parents, but Voros was in town as well seeing his family so I thought it would be nice to catch up with him.  Lushnek was driving down that way and I hitched a ride, and the idea occurred to me halfway through the trip so I sent Voros a tweet.

I was surprised to see him reply my message by sms - forgot that I had given him my number - and that was really handy! He said he would like to catch up, so I gave him the details of our meeting place and waited for Sev to call.

Sev has some Amish-like aversions - he doesn't have a mobile phone, and he doesn't drive a car, and he doesn't use Deadly Boss Mods - so I had to wait for him to finish work.  I arranged to meet Voros at 1230pm, thinking Sev would be done by 1pm.  It turned out that Sev finished earlier than that, so he said he would meet me at 1230pm.  I told Sev I was bringing along a friend, was that alright?  Heh, what a loaded question!  As if Sev could say no, but I knew he would be a little unnerved as he was a bit shy.  I thought about what I wanted to say.  Should I say it was one of my Twitter friends?  Or should I say that I had this really attractive female friend that I would like to introduce to him?  Both prospects would have had Sev run screaming for the hills, and so to prevent him from embarrassing himself at work by making up pathetic excuses not to have lunch, I told him the truth and said it was someone he knew.  That didn't allay him, and he asked who it was.  I said it was a guildie.  He still wanted to know, so I caved in and told him it was Voros.

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I waited at our meeting area, and texted Voros saying what I was wearing as I had no idea what he looked like.  Sev and I tend to run a routine - we meet at Koko black and usually go to Indian for lunch - and I was saved from my unnerving and rather creepy scrutiny of every passer-by (wondering if they were Voros) when Sev arrived and I breathed a sigh of relief. I waved to him and we went in to order hot chocolate.  I texted Voros to say we were inside and then chatted away to Sev when someone walked straight up to us and looked at us.  Was this Voros?

I asked him if he was Voros he said yes -  it even sounded like him so that was reassuring!  Well, nobody ever looks like what you think they look like, so then he joined us in having a very rich, filling hot chocolate before we had lunch.

Image courtesy of Weekend Notes
Yep, Indian for lunch.  We chatted mostly about the game, and a little about other games, as well as books and movies.  It was a nice catch up and Voros was not scary at all IRL (LOL not that I thought he would be) and we had a small giggle about the day Voros was mucking up on Thok (he really DID taunt Thok). People were making lots of mistakes and Kyxyn told us all to wash our faces with cold water... and then the next attempt Kyxyn proceeded to Hand of Protection himself instead of me which led to a wipe (though admittedly, that was because they had changed the order of the tanking and so he was now tanking Thok trying to HoP me at the same time).

Sev made jokes about poor Lushnek having a greater aversion to social interactions than him, which Lushnek denied vehemently as he would have liked to stay and meet Voros out of curiosity.  I'm glad I remembered, and I think Voros was happy to pass the time doing something whilst his wife and daughter baked and iced cookies with their friends :)

It's the eve of Winter Veil!  Merry Winter Veil all and my Great-father winter bestow fantastic gifts to you all if you've been nice!


  1. That was nice! I have one of Sev's aversions, I refuse to get a cell phone. May your Winter Veil be a great one!

  2. I would've still gone if it was someone I didn't know. :p

    It just would've been an incredibly uncomfortable afternoon!

  3. I am so ready for another guild meet :P

    Navi you can always catch up with me if you are coming near the City :P
    I dont really do any work and can come out whenever (since I dont get paid anyway)



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