4 recruits, 4 raid nights and FORgot to visit DMF

I am throwing off yesterday's melancholy/whinginess and am excited because it's a new raid week!  AND I have 4 new guild members in the last few days - Exray and Lushen made it over on Owl and ... Lushen (LOL) so that adds a boomkin and a windwalker monk to our roster, and I think both are raid ready.  Then Crits and his friend Jilliane joined late last night, and suddenly we have 2 new shamans!  Crits is resto, and Jilliane is enhance so that adds some buffer to our raids.  I couldn't be more pleased!  Aza also said that his 3 friends form Caelestrasz might come over in WoD - apparently their guild isn't raiding next xpac.  I won't hold my breath because they're from a heroic guild and we are not that kind of guild.  They would probably do better in a heroic guild.  I asked Az if they were nice and he said they were - and then he told me about another friend of his that was looking for a guild but he didn't think would fit in here because he was "Aza without the restraint," meaning that he was one of the yelling and finger pointing types in raid.  Aza was right, that wouldn't wash here, because I don't want to have upset raid members from being yelled at during what's supposed to be a fun game.  Tyrant Kyxyn does enough of that already with his schoolteacher voice.

At the end of the last raiding week, I said that if we were doing 2 raid nights out of 3 then we would extend. Starting from this week. Coz you really can't do much in 4 hours, and I'm a little tired of getting to Nazgrim and not getting further.  This week we shall do Malkorok and we shall smash it!  We had some good goes on Monday - Malk got to 5% and I'm sure this week we will get it.  After that it's Spoils which shouldn't be too hard.  It's exciting to me, thinking about it!

I heard about the Malkorok helper addon.  I wondered if it would be useful to have.  Basically it gives you a pie chart of the bad areas to be standing in.  I guess it does look rather good, if you need it, but Kyxyn had put up markers at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock and we used those relative positions to indicate the safe and bad zones. However, reading the comments says that people have issues with freezing and that's bad!  Also you have to manually click the pie to maek the areas bad so there's some actual WORK involved (gasp, no not work!!)  So while it's a good idea, perhaps I'll give it a miss and if anyone dies to the bad I'll tell them to get the addon.  So raiders, did you hear that!  Don't fail or you have to get the addon! How I'm going to police that is going to be interesting.  Another empty Navimie threat LOL!

Flex on Sunday will go a change too.  I think this week we shall do 2 and 4 instead of 1 and 4 for a bit of variety.  I think that we will say mains for Nazgrim though, so that we can carry a couple of lesser geared guildies if we need to since it's all for fun (Wing 2? FUN? I must be in a good mood).  Geez I can't wait till we're relaxed enough to start doing some ACHIEVEMENTS.  Gotta get Garrosh down first on Flex I guess!

So who should I take to normal raid this week?  I think we should let Exray and Lushen do the first few 4 and I would like to heal for Immerseus for a chance at bracers but I'm happy to sit out for the rest.  I don't think Sabre needs anymore loot from the first 4 so he can have a break - but maybe he can get some attendance EPGP if he logs on at the right time.  Morz still needs more gear so I want to sit out for him, and I hope he's up to 2 healing Protectors... OMG who is going to yell about dispels today if I'm not there? :D
Darkmoon Faire.  I have not visited that place all week.  I should go visit and do my Father Winter shopping, as there are a few pets there that I can give away as gifts.  And maybe a few dailies.  Argh so much to do and so little time! :D

In other news, new comic is up after a month hiatus!


  1. I don't mind sitting out...I will log on just to make sure.
    I have a friend on another server who needs some help so I will help them out this week


    1. Log on to get your EPGP! OMG no crit for another week? Aza will cry :P


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