Shab's cameo on Swifty's Twitch

Shabahdu (my mage guildie and arena teammate) is a massive fan of PvP live streamers - it's because of him I started watching live streams and also became a mini fan as well.  He was just as excited as me when I rang him to tell him I got that pic with Sodah at Blizzcon.

The other day he messaged me saying that he was in a BG with Swifty - a Strand of the Ancients. Unfortunately Horde lost, and it was a close game.

We went to go watch his stream - there was a SEVEN HOUR streamed video there - who the hell streams for 7 hours and even more weird who watches it for 7 hours?  I have to say, I think it would be more fun to watch streams of just arenas, or bgs, or him duelling - then you could choose what you wanted to watch without having to wade through all the crap.  I guess if you're a fan then you like doing the reality TV thing and watch all 7 hours...

Anyway, I found the bit with Shab in it, and Swifty even said something positive about Shab!

"Like this mage had more mitigation that that DK."

I told Shab I had manage to capture that part of it for him to watch (so we didn't have to keep loading up the 7 hours of stream to get to it) and I asked him if he would mind if I put it here so we can watch it any time we wanted.  I apologised because Shab was getting pwnt by Swifty and do you know what Shab said?

"It's an honour to be killed by Swifty!"

LOL!  Aza has duelled Swifty and killed him - a shame I didn't get THAT on a FRAPS for us to see!


  1. At least we killed his healer, and the hunter managed to avenge my death after Swifty killed me.

    1. And here I was thinking you were running around star struck or something!

  2. When I had two monitors, I used to watch streams for hours on end *blush*

    It was like TV background noise, except they were playing games I love instead of trying to sell me some crap for 4 payments of $49.99 :)

    1. HAHA well you know what Neri, maybe you should start your own stream!


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