Raiding - Woo! Nazgrim down!

It was a bad start to the night.  It was 845pm and I was just leaving work and it takes me 40 mins to get home.  Raid starts at 9pm.

I told Lush and Luxy and raced home, wondering who was going to be online.  It turned out that Asys didn't turn up and Priestie had said she wasn't going to be on because she was at work and it was late night shopping, so she finished at 9pm which is 10pm server time, so that ruled her out for the night.

So that left us with exactly 10 raiders:
Tanks: Raked and Kyxyn
DPS: Azadelta, Sevrus, Sabrehawk, Luxygaga, Voros, Moopiex
Heals: Lushnek, Navimie

So whilst I was heading home, the group decided to clear trash, which was great because by the time I got home all the trash was done.  Aza had gotten onto his paladin to heal and so we decided to take a crack at Dark Shaman with 3 healers.  We wiped at 28% or so, then tried again and got a 2% wipe.  After yet another wipe, we decided to try 2 healing it and after we wiped again we went for one more go and we got it!  That was exciting!  Two warforged items dropped - Haromm's Talisman and Kardris' Scepter, which went to Sabre and myself.  Lush outhealed me, as he was healing the two tanks and I was with Moo as he kited his mob around with the group.  I was really proud of him, healing that!  Asys had said he thought it could be done.

Then we went onto Nazgrim.  Well, we weren't feeling optimistic, we only had half an hour left of raid and we hadn't really had a good go on it. The idea of the fight is simple but I remembered last time we had real issues with his rage and adds everywhere and frigging axes going all over the place and healers struggling. And now we were going to 2 heal it.

Well, whaddya know.  We one shot it.  Everyone played well, rage was well controlled and we never got axes and Sabre didn't die to his assassin (though admittedly I did yell at him to move his ass to the wall ask him politely to move his back to the wall because the assassin's mark was on him and he disengaged out and didn't die and the assassin was unstealthed so that was good.  We approached 16% and everyone was backing off a little and we waited out the defensive stance and once we hit 10% they bloodlusted and Nazgrim went down.  WOOO! I can't believe we 2 healed that too!

And we even got the achievement because Gamon was busy running off fighting the demon and didn't get hit by Nazgrim.  Tier was taken by Sabre, and the healing chest was taken by Lush.  It was about time Sabre got some loot - he hadn't looted very much in SoO!

It was a great finish to the night!  From a day where we had issues with healing to suddenly killing a new boss with time to spare, it was a wonderful finish and at least THIS time I managed to get them all together for a pic.

Halfway through my raid I had asked my friend in Illidari Remnants about their guild leader as I hadn't seen him in a while.  Apparently half their raid team is sick and can't raid!  Geez, remind me not to get on their vent/mumble in case I catch whatever weird disease they're spreading through their guild.... it was my friend Manahungry I was talking to and he said that they were short on heals and were trying to do Dark Shaman and using some offspec healers.  They ended up having to call their raid.  I remember at the time wishing I could borrow a healer... but we didn't need them anyway!

Well, I might be missing Monday's raid as I will be home late as I am busy flying internationally again this weekend.  Hopefully Priestie and Asys will be there so we will have some mainspec healers again.


  1. Grats! You'll probably be able to zoom though the next two bosses. Good luck with Malk :)

    1. Thanks Tyle! I hope we can get some progress happening :D

  2. Grats! OMG almost there!

  3. Looks like Xyn has a warlock pet, where is Aza hiding?! :D

    1. OMG you're right! Where is Aza?

    2. Here he is! I didn't cut him out!

    3. Ok I used your pic instead. Maybe Aza hasn't read this post, so he won't know....


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