Raiding - Nothing to write home about

Raked still hadn't made an appearance but Sabrehawk enlightened me:

Sabre: I spoke to Raked
Navi: Did he have a baby?
Sabre: No. He said he's sick of the stupid game
Navi: You didn't tell him the staff dropped did you?
Sabre: No, did you?
Navi: I haven't seen him.
Sabre: Ok, so that's not it then.  He gets cranky sometimes.
Navi: Ok, well, lucky we have extra tanks then.

So Raked will not be on for a bit.  Gosh, I was looking forward to when KyXyn would be back.  But you won't hear me say that to his face - his head won't fit out of the Orgrimmar gates!

So we were one short for raid.  Morzierz turned up late because he was stuck at work, but we got Nok to substitute in on his monk.  We had a few goes at Dark Shaman the standard way but we were getting overwhelmed and it wasn't going well.

Asys then had a power out. He managed to come back, but with a latency of 1.2k.  By then we had started trying to 3 tank it - Nok had respecced Brewmaster.  But we weren't having much luck.

So Voros dropped and I got Morz and Priestie in to heal the bottom section and I went to the top but I could not heal it to save my skin.  And I was a ning nong and died a few times as well.  The guys had had enough by then - 2 hours of dying to Dark Shaman with all new tanks was a bit much to ask, but we had to give it a try!

I felt really disheartened.  I think I was on a low all yesterday anyway after reading a couple of blog posts (and NO I'm not feeling low because of GC leaving Blizz sheesh) and after my inability to heal the 2 tanks up the top I was feeling like the worst healer in the world.  Even Lush had managed to do it on his alt toon's OFFSPEC.  Though, as my guildies tried to reassure me, the fact that we had all new tanks, with 2 tanks with gear way under what our other tanks had was the problem, that part of me which always feels like EVERYTHING is my problem felt otherwise.  I even had FIVE hot chocolates throughout the day yesterday to try to cheer up, as well as half a pack of M&Ms, but probably all I needed was some sleep.  Shab and Sev would tell me I would need a good battleground or arena fight but sometimes that backfires and we lose every game which makes it only worse!

However, I woke up this morning feeling better and ready for another day of WoW.  Except for the fact that I'm on call this evening AND I have a Christmas party to attend.  My poor kids - no wonder my daughter wanted to get up the other night to sit with me whilst I raided - she's hardly seen me this week!  Oh, and today is Friday and Exray and Lushen said they would be on Saurfang!  Which means my recruiting days are over!