Raiding - Halfway there!

So with a full raid evening to work on the Dark Shaman and we were doing well on it on Wednesday it was only a matter of time before we worked it out.  We did the 3 tank method which made the fight rather easy (though from my point of view I had a bit of work to do!) and we got it down!

The whole thing with Flex is that people forget that we haven't killed things on normal and thus FORGOT to do a guild kill pic.  So I managed to get a pic of me and one of the dead Shaman before the body despawned.  I MAY have let loose a bunch of expletives at my lazy guildies who obviously have no sentimentality or pride in their kills.... :P

Moo tanked up (half asleep) as I needed Lush healing.  I wondered if we could do it with 2 healers with the 3 tank method.  Both Lush and Asys/Cranked were on the two tanks with their shaman half way up the hill, and I was with the group down the hill kiting around.  Some stressy heal spots with low health but nothing that a little Spiritwalker's grace and Tranquility doesn't fix.

Kardris' Toxic Totem was given to Luxy (Aza managed to roll one) and Kyjenn won Haromm's Frozen Crescent.  Yay for loot being taken! :D

I had never really noticed the poor goblins tied up to the archery targets, and I wanted to take a pic to have a closer look at them later.  But of course, as soon as I mentioned I wanted a screenie, my dear guildmates released them all.  Except for the poor dead guy.  *fume*

Nazgrim feels so doable!  We got him to 7% before we wiped, and Asys had a Xynzelle mage moment where he was supposed to drop mana tide and somehow bloodlusted instead.  WHOOPS!  I had a laugh about it and Luxy still has her fear of bloodlusting after some nasty people yelled at her in our guild Flex for doing a bloodlust on Nazgrim so she was totally sympathetic to Asys.  Though there really wasn't anything to be sympathetic for, except that I was laughing at Asys.

We were aiming to do the 12% bloodlust but our first attempt (which was our best attempt) we were unable to do bloodlust because of Asys' little mistake, and Aza died as well.  It was the assassins which were causing a lot of grief for people - the warlocks and Sabre had dreadful times and died to those horrible assassins.  I took Ursol's Vortex to try to help, but I had a hard time trying to locate my dear DPS as I myself ran around trying to get away from those spinning people and the Ravager axes.

Our rage control for him needs a bit of work.  But other than that, I think if we had a nice solid evening on him, we could work ourselves out.

Kyxyn sounded HORRIBLE.  He was sick, cranky, and lashed out a little at Sev who was asking a question about holding adds till the Defensive stance stage so they could actually DO something during that phase instead of twiddling their thumbs.  At least he apologised for his surliness.  I merely assumed that the real Kyxyn that I always see was emerging :P

Raked says that his sports training is being moved to Tuesdays soon so he will be able to raid on Mondays - YAY!  But Lush still wants to tank so hopefully we can get by with our 2 healing for some time to come.  I am putting the image of Pushme's cheat sheet to Nazgrim here so I can remind myself what I need to be doing.


  1. Yay grats on Shaman's :).I haven't been taking group screenshots of our kills either, just remembering to hit print screen when the achievement comes up for the kill.
    Nazgrim is interesting but so chaotic. I'm always worried I'm going to be targeted by an Assassin and not be able to work out where they are so I can turn my back but so far I've been lucky and they've picked someone else to backstab.

    1. Thanks Z! Do they target healers? Someone told me they don't but I can't see why they wouldn't...

    2. Don't worry Nav - years of BG experience assures me that Horde Rogues NEVER target the damned healers. :p

    3. Grats on your Shaman kill! I like the three tank method. There's so much less stuff to deal with.

      I'm sure you'll get your Nazgrim kill soon. I don't think the assassins target healers. In fact I can only recall them targeting ranged dps. Happy Hunting!

    4. Thanks Tyle! I certainly hope so. Gotta make those DPS stand with their backs to the wall!


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