Raiding - Flex Wing 3 cleared yay!

We didn't have enough strong healers for Nazgrim, and Kyxyn said maybe it would be good for everyone's morale if we had some kills rather than wipe constantly as we tried to kill Nazgrim.  While we scraped our group together, Lush (on his monk) and Raked were hanging around on the Timeless Isle and Kyxyn said we should do a guild run of Celestials.  Which we did, including a few puggers.  It was great!  I still died though like a frigging noob as I tried to FRAPS some of it (got trampled by Niu Zao!) but I was glad we did it and it went by very quickly.

There was one REALLY bummy thing though.  Whilst we were doing celestials, Golganarr was sighted!  I wanted to run off and tag it, but everyone reassured us that he had a lot of health.  Well, shit by the time we killed the celestial, Golganarr was dead.  GRRRR!!!  Man, how often does that spawn?  That sucks :(  Wish I'd run out of the raid to tag it now!

Anyway, after that, we went off to Flex.  We had enough to fill a group - Sabre dropped so he could watch TV - with Raked and Aimei tanking.  Aza, Sev, Luxy, Jez, Faith, Sars, Asys' friend from Blackrock (I can't remember his name ><), Kyxyn, Voros, Asys and myself were also in the group. We did first wing and it went relatively smoothly.  Poor Asys, for Immerseus I told everyone to get near a healer and Asys complained he only had 3 people to heal.  Well it was all good on my end anyway, it wasn't too hard to heal, so I was happy.  Could have been worse, I suppose, Sev could have been healing. :P

Got Az in to heal for Fallen protectors (well, to dispel, really) and that went down fine.  Norushen I had a bit of potty mouth filter through when nobody picked up the pulsing ball and I was at 100% already.  Then we did Sha and it was all good.  Faith was happy because she got a new weapon and she spammed guild with her 3 Epic achievements as she went from a dreadful blue cataclysm weapon to an epic panda one.

Then we culled the group down to do the 3rd wing.  We only had half an hour of official raid time left, but I asked if people were happy to extend by half an hour. And it was actually quite a good run.

Raked hadn't done much of Wing 3 and so he was... just winging it, as he often does.  Malkorok went well, we had Lush, myself and CrankyAsys healing and we got that down.  Our Spoils was a wipe because my side was a bit slow to open boxes, but the next attempt was much better, though a little crazy.  We were joined by a hunter friend of Asys' who kept DYING - I should have gotten him to go on Asys' side because he probably thought I was an awful healer!  Priestie turned up as well, just in time to do Spoils, and I think the extra heals there helped.  After that we went onto Thok and we didn't have much time left until it was time to go to bed. Raked had one go on Thok and then he was falling asleep on the keyboard, then we had Lush/Aimei tank it with CrankyAsys, Priestie and me healing, and it was messy as, but it went down!  That was pretty cool!  I managed to roll a tier helm so that made me rather pleased.  Yay,only one more Flex wing to do and we're done.

The next fortnight of raiding is going to be iffy.  With me and Lush gone, there probably won't be much time to do anything except Flex, so they'll be flexing all week I think.  I hope they leave easy Flex for Sunday so everyone can go, and work on the harder ones during the week.

OMG, flying out to United States tomorrow!!!! SQUEEE!


  1. So disappointed about Golganarr, we should have run off, but yay for peoples cloaks!

    WowHead says 14-26 hours on his spawn!

  2. Have a great time at Blizzcon Navi! Can't wait to read about your adventures :D

    1. I hope you get to be online more Jez! I like chatting to you :)


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