Raiding - First timers with good results

We knew KyXyn would be away because of school camp, and he would be back at the end of the week, but I didn't realise Raked wouldn't turn up either, or Priestietute.  At 10 minutes till raid start, Sev whispered me saying that Aza was concerned that we wouldn't be raiding. I had started the group, and we had 6 people.

"Don't worry," I said.  "Moo isn't in the group yet - he's eating dinner.  Lushnek will be on shortly, and Aza is still in MSV."  That still left one spot empty.

I looked for our new priest recruit, and fortunately he was online.  "Are you ready for a raid invite, and a guild invite?"  I asked him.

"Yes, to both," said Morzierz.

So I invited him to raid and guild and we managed to get a full group.  Lush got on Aimei to tank and Moo reluctantly tanked up.  That left me, Asys/Cranked and Morz healing, with Voros, Luxy, Sev, Aza and Sabre DPSing.  Aza cried about no crit because Raked wasn't there but Sabre brought out his wolf and all was well.

Immerseus was yawn with 3 healers though I did laugh at Cranked because he died.  Even the new healer, Morz, didn't die.  Sev went and opened the chest and Az said "Ohhhhh.... Raked is gonna be PISSED!"  For sure enough, the weapon that we have never seen was there.  Aimei was itching to take it, but then thought he'd give a roll and try and he managed to roll his own weapon.  So guess who got to walk away with an offspec weapon?  ME. Asys nabbed some new gloves as well!

Onwards to Protectors and I told Morz what his dispel targets were and I gave Asys only Luxy to dispel and I took the rest.  It was ok at the start but once things got hectic, the boys got lazy so I just laughed at them with a sigh of resignation thrown in for good measure.  I was worried because I thought they killed He too quickly but it was ok in the end.  The RNG gods were telling Moo he had to tank, as plate tanking gloves dropped, and Sev got some new shoes.  Moo hadn't tanked it before and asked which ones to tank, and I did let out a tiny giggle when Aza died suddenly and he said good naturedly "That's the one you have to tank Moo," but there were no other hiccups in that fight.

My daughter decided she wanted to watch me play WoW and wandered downstairs to see me.  So I sat her on my lap and I suddenly realised how much I swore.  As I ran to the group as we cleared trash to Norushen, I pulled a group and I said "Fuuuuuc----ar out!  I pulled a group!"  to which I promptly said "Shit, I said a bad word."  Whoops.  My daughter said to me quietly "Mummy, you said shit.  You say shit a lot."

"I'm sorry for swearing," I apologised.  She turned her head and whispered to me "It's alright, Mummy, I don't mind if you swear."  I had to laugh.

Aimei had never gone into the zone for Norushen successfully - the last time, he died - and so Moo thought he'd give it a go, but he died too.  That meant the DPS and healers had to soak the orbs and it made for a slower kill, but we got it in the end.  Aza soaked 3 orbs - that would have put a dent in his DPS for a change!  Morz picked up some offspec cloth - saved it from a DE.

Morz didn't know what hit him when we did Sha's room.  We did our usual trying to kill each other - Aza made the mistake of saying "Uh oh, that's a lot of debuffs," so I instantly dispelled him so he took out half the raid (including a tank) and I was laughing my ass off.  I nearly made it the full stretch too before Sabre or Sev exploded next to me on the second last  mobs and I died.

"Why is there blue fire everywhere, Mummy?" said my daughter.  "It's bad fire," I said.  "Mummy's friends are trying to kill her."

"That's not very nice," she replied.  "Tell your friends not to do that."

Luxy said, "Did you tell your daughter that evil mummy is killing everyone else?  I've never killed anyone!" LOL, yes I am evil.  But hey, even Aza said that he looks forward to this room when we're raiding.

Sha went down a little slow for my liking and Voros nearly died twice and I was running to him to save him a few times and he managed to JUST survive.  Some good drops from Sha - Voros got his Tier chest (and managed to roll some legs), and Sabre got Assurance of Consequence.  Damn, that's two nice trinkets for Sabre now!

Onto Galakras, and I decided it was time for my daughter to go to sleep.  We had a short break before we went to tackle Gala, and Moo went up to tank the towers and there were no flying cows.  I will have to tell Kyxyn.  And it was the cleanest Galakras kill we have ever had.  I was very pleased and very proud of my raid team!  Both warlocks rolled an Extinguished Ember of Galakras, and Voros was happy again because he got Evil Eye of Galakras which was really good for him.  Morz got even MORE offspec cloth gear.

Iron Juggernaut turned out to be our furfy for the night and we had multiple wipes before we got it down. Poor Cranked, I think he just gives up in that fight and doesn't heal because of all the running around, and I think Morz did better healing than Cranked.  But that fight was made for druids and I felt in my element running around and throwing hots around as well as using my nice Tier bonus to top up the guys who ate a bomb.  Aimei got some new shoulders and Morz walked away with MORE offspec loot LOL!

It was a pretty good run for a non core team, and I was pretty happy with what we did.  We won't be able to do our 3 tank method for Dark Shaman on Thursday, so we will have to do it the normal way unless Raked turns up.  Morz wasn't too scared off by our raiding, and when Cranked cheekily said "Moo, this is a sign you're going to have to tank full time," Moo replied "I will tank when everyone here licks my balls."

Real classy Moo :P  Well I guess that answers the tanking question that we all knew the answer to already!