Raiding - Back in the saddle, and some good news for our raiders

So how excited was I to do some normal raiding again???!!  Very!  In fact I was so excited, that I lay in bed with the kids hoping they would sleep soon so I could go raid... and fell asleep and was woken up by Lushnek right on the dot at 9pm.  Shit.

There were shenanigans when I was away.  I had left Moo and Sev in charge of EPGP whilst I was away, and they told me they would be fine.  Apparently they had a bit of free reign with EPGP... awarding 150-500 EP per half hour, not even sure if people were charged for their loots... of if there were any loots!

So I logged on, and got myself organised and headed into raid.  I still need to kick Asys in the bum about his dispels for Protectors!  Poor Raked still cannot get his weapon off Immerseus - hope he has better luck next week!

I have no idea why but there was lots of leather dropping last night.  I managed to score some gloves, which are an ok substitute until I get some Tier, and I picked up 2 items for offspec which nobody wanted.  One was even warforged!

Lush still had to get on his druid for healing for Galakras, as we struggled with 2 healing.  Then Raked had a power out so Lush had to get back onto Aimei (after he'd eaten AND flasked!) and we dragged Priestietute in to heal and we got it down. Just enough time for one Iron Juggernaut go and that was the end of the night. I was happy, we didn't die that much (well except to Galakras since we were stuffing around with 2 healing, and some tank got punted off the tower again!)

I was pleased to see Voros raiding with us, though melee are the new clothies these days!  He actually D/C'd during Sha of Pride because he ran out of game time, and I managed to keep him alive that whole time, but as soon as he logged in he ran in to do something and he died. Talk about poopsicles!

I also got the Purified Bindings of Immerseus for guild bank, but I was going to play with it for a bit before I DE it. The tooltip is a little misleading:

You might think that some of the DPS proccing healing abilities (eg smite healing, Dream of Cenarius) would proc it but that's not the case.  For a druid, you can only get it to proc when you switch to melee and hit in cat or bear.  Which is going to be pretty useless to me!  I did wonder if the passive amplification to my crit, healing, haste, mastery and spirit was going to be worth using the trinket, but I'm not sure.  I was thinking I might use it to bump up my haste but we'll see.  Or maybe I'll just keep it in case I want to be a boomkin or something.  Yeah right.

Exray was chatting to me about wanting transfer over to Saurfang from our guild on Dath'remar, which I was thrilled to hear.  He said he would like to raid - and I have been getting a lot of nagging about recruitment from within the raiding ranks.  I am not keen to recruit because I know it just means more sitting out for our other raiders, but I am happy for upgrading to raider status from within our own ranks.  I'm not sure if that will happen yet, but it is an exciting prospect.  However, that does not fill a healer spot for me, but if Lush's monk Aimei manages to gear up some mistweaver gear then we might have that problem solved.  However, he still likes to tank, and he's more useful as DPS than as heals, so this would be a really good time to have a triple spec!  Which spec is he going to dump to take mistweaving??  But it's a ways off yet, and we have Priestietute healing as backup so we're not in a bad ways yet.  I have no idea where Sabre has gone lately, and Fue has not made a reappearance... but the show has to go on.  Oh, I can't wait for raid on Wednesday!


  1. Sorry it was my son's birthday last night. I will be there Wednesday



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