PvP - A good run and my first Arena WITHOUT Sev and Shab

I was having a good old snooze with the kids when the phone rang and I heard Sev saying "Nav, wake up," and I said "Oh!" and promptly dropped the phone onto the bed as I tried to get out of bed without waking the kids.  I spent a good 30 seconds trying to find my phone, as I heard Sev's muffled voice saying "Hello?  Hello...." and I hung up on him before he got any louder and woke up the kids.

I wandered downstairs and plonked myself in front of the computer, casting a bemused glance at my hubby Hyad playing Diablo 3 on PS3 with his friends.  Wish I could give him my one to play, but it's PC.

I put on my headset and listened to Sev grumbling about rude people who say "OH!" then don't talk to him and then hang up the phone.  I was still waking up, but geez, I had to use a record 8 Tome of the Clear minds to fix my spec for PvP, deciding to try Cenarion ward for a change instead of Ysera's Gift to see how it felt.

We had a pretty good run.  We didn't play many games because Sev wanted to go to bed at a record early time of 11pm, so we probably only played 6 games and a few BGs.  Thunderspank was on - we hadn't seen him for ages! - and I asked if he wanted to PvP with us, and he did after we did our arenas.  We won ALL of our BGs, which was great - Horde was having a good run in BGs!  I did my first ever cart RETURN in Deepwind Gorge, and captured a cart, but was no where near defending or capping a base for the achievement.

Our Warsong Gulch and Silvershard mines were played well.  And we even did well in Strand, defending the outer walls for ages, but the inside walls fell in 1/4 of the time it took for the alliance to breach the lower walls.  But we managed to zerg them back when it was our turn, and won easily.

By then, Sev and Thunder had to go, and Shab and I decided to try a couple of disastrous 2s which we abandoned after getting our asses handed to us, and finished off with an easy win Eye of the Storm which must have been full of poor Alliance Hallow's End achievement chasers because they played HORRIBLY.

Just as Shab logged, and I was about to go to bed, one of my workmates, Smehly (lol), who is an on-and-off player in WoW but more heavily into PvP/arena, logged on and told me that he was going to play his only Horde toon - a max level DK.  Earlier that day I saw him at work and he was telling me he had just hit 1750 with his mage and was complaining about ret pallies.  I don't recall ret pallies being a huge problem because Sev likes killing ret pallies, it's warriors which drive him nuts, and hunters which drive ME nuts. Smehly asked me if I wanted to play some arena with his DK so he could cap, and I said sure, but only 2 games because I had to work on Saturday.

Off topic: Not only did I have to get up early to go to work, but I had to do my daughter's hair for her dance photo - asking Hyad to smooth back her fringe, and do a tight low bun with a hair net at the nape of her neck was a little outside his Daddy's expertise.  I should have taught him how to do the "Dad's Ponytail" like in this video:

Ok, back to what I was talking about.  So I did a few 2s games with Smehly.  Our first game was with 2 hunters who smashed me.  The second game was a LONG ASS game against a hunter/pally and the pally was good but the hunter was not very good and we all had the debuff (thank god they fixed that Crowd Choose You thing) for healing which ended up with the hunter dying with 5 mins left on the clock.  We did another game after that against a rogue/ret pally which we also ended up winning.  So that was actually quite fun - I haven't played with a melee in arena before.

Now, my biggest PvP concern is... I will miss the whole of next week for conquest cap!  So I was thinking, either I play ALL Tuesday night to cap my conquest as long as the damned servers don't go down.  LOL, I never think of Valo(u)r points like that.  But unlike raiding, in PvP I feel like I really feel the difference with one extra item - the weapon, for example made a HUGE difference to my survivability and healing.  So fingers crossed for no maintenance Tuesday, as I try to switch my body clock from GMT +10 (AEST) to GMT -8 (PT).