New Pets, Achievements and rares this week

An amazing week for pets!  I come home and some of my friends had sent me presents!

I was surprised to see mail from Icaruss - OMG he got me a Droplet of Y'Shaarj!  It did arrive a week ago whilst I was at Blizzcon, but I hadn't checked my mail so I only looked at it on Monday.  And yes, I somehow forgot to check my mail on Sunday when I came back.  God, I was thrilled to bits, thanks Icaruss! Now what do I get for him?  It has to be something awesome.  Hmm.

Cavendar gave me a welcome home present - wow!  Now I hardly ever see this rare spawn on the Isle, let alone the pet!  I was super chuffed.  Thanks Cav <3 br="" nbsp="">

And of course being at Blizzcon I had my new Murkalot which I only got on Monday as well, with matching FoS.

I did my Celestial tournament for the last time and got my final pet.  Welcome to the pet family Yu'la!  It took came with an accompanying achievement.

Whilst we were raiding the other day, the guild got an achievement!  Woo, that's a lot of dailies folks!

And Cymre was amazing, she whispered me and said Golganarr was up!  So she invited me and I rushed off to kill him - unfortunately I was flagged from BGs and arena before and standing there flagged was not fun. A hunter tried to kill me with his Censer on but failed - that would have been embarrassing for him - and then I died from Golganarr hitting me!  But I got the kill - but it was damn hard to get a decent pic of Golganarr. All I got was his butt =/ but YAY! That was the last rare I needed for Timeless Champion.  Thanks Cym!

Extra large pic for extra large butt. Cym is shotting him in the butt.
And last but not least, it was WoW's 9th anniversary and they gave us the little rep/xp gift again.  Last year's one was never used by me, but at least this year I used it when I was doing my dailies and trying to farm Shaohao rep at the same time.  A lot of people complaining that it's a lame gift.. but hey don't look a gift horse in the mouth.  They could also have given us nothing.


  1. Grats on all those lovely pets. Maybe if I tell Cat there's an achievement she'll get off her butt and do the other three celestial pets, lol.

    1. I'm just glad it's all done! But after all this time, I finally had a routine sorted so it was faster than the hours I used to spend on it.

  2. Well I saw you were running away so I had to help kill him. He died pretty quickly though. That pic is hilarious. I can give you a better one than that!

    Congrats on the rest of your achievements and pets.

  3. Navi: it is a little lame ya gotta admit! Lol I pay a lot of money for that Gift horse! Lol great pets btw!! How fun!

  4. Navi, I genuinely thought you went to a work related conference...
    Oh wait, your primary job is WoW so... yeah make sense...
    (did you get sponsored to go!? :P oh wait it isnt profession related)


  5. Gratz on all the pets and achieves

  6. This has jack to do with your post, and everything to do with your birthday. I honestly and genuinely wish you all the best today, as it will be completely well earned. You're one of the nicest and most generous people I know, and we've got that whole "your voice is hawt" connection, too!

    Luv ya, and have a great one Navi!


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