New pets, achievements and rares this week

This has been a really good week for me in terms of pets!

I did some trading with Yuuna and in return he gave me a Rascalbot AND an Harmonious Porcupette!  I would have been just happy with the Rascalbot, as I'm SLOWLY getting my rep up to be able to get the porcupette, but hey, it's still pretty cool :D

Cavendar wanted to give me a gift so he gave me a Skunky Alemental AND an Ashleaf Spriteling.  Do you know how cheap they are on their AH?  Way cheaper than our AH!

I just realised I never put a picture of the Pierre that Dahakha made for me!  Sorry Dah!

And you would not believe what dropped for me - a Gulp Froglet.  Goddamn it.  I should sell it to make back some of the money I spent on it!

I gave in and decided to TomTom all the waypoints for the spawn points of those rare items around the Isle since I always seem to find Flameheart Shawl, and I had found the Snowdrift Tiger Talons once.  The funny thing is, after I put the waypoints in, I got all the other items in five minutes...

On Sunday, Arv, Cain and I were doing Scholo for dungeon achieves - I was helping them get Jandice and then I thought, hey Voros is on and so is Faith, so I dragged them in to do the last achievement in Scholo from Darkmaster Gandling, which you can only do with 5 people (you need 50 of the Expired Test subjects and you get 10 each time you go into a room).  It took us a few goes but we got it eventually!  It bugged out for Arv - he was supposed to teleport and somehow didn't but his mobs still spawned - phew!

After that, Voros and I went around with our flask (Lush came along too for a little bit) but then Lush got tired and went to bed, and Voros got tired and went to bed before I could help him finish, but I managed to get my Polyformic Acid Science!

Then on Sunday night Arv, Cain and I went around 3 manning Jade Temple to get some of our other achievements.  To get Hydrophobia, Cain and I stood outside the room - WAY outside (we got hit when we were hiding behind the wall at first), like in the starting room - and let Arv solo Wise Mari.  I thought we didn't get the achieve, but suddenly we did after a little pause!

And this time, we clicked all those seed things in the corners and got this achievement.  I will have to come back with my guildies to get theirs later!

And I found another rare in the Vale I didn't have!  Thought I had them all...

And it is IMPOSSIBLE to get this picture out of combat.  Cranegnasher is giving me a friendly pat on the cheek whilst I tried to take this screenie.  And damn that NPCscan or whatever it is sticking markers on rares - makes ugly pix!


  1. It was fun doing the achieves. We need to do that more often.

  2. Oh nice. I hope to do those achievements some day.

  3. Oh no! You mean you have to buy that stupid little frog to get it to drop! I'm going to go beat up Bufo again.

  4. Nice job finding a couple more rares.

    As for the pets, I think there's more than I could possibly ever acquire, even if I came back just to do so!


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