Navi-gation : TomTom locations for Navimie at Blizzcon

I saw Hasteur, Apple Cider Mage and Jed put their plans up, and I thought it would probably be a good idea to put mine up in case anyone wants to say hi (and keep a record online so I also remember what the hell I was supposed to be doing).  Of course, there may be NOBODY that wants to say hi, so I might be able to sneak around anonymously but there are a fair few people I would like to see who are at Blizzcon.  I was going to have a list, but then it feels like I'm doing birdwatching or something as I cross names off my list *giggle*!

Now, one of the differences is, that I am flying trans-pacific to get to Blizzcon, so I will be in Anaheim for DAYS and DAYS!  As my whole family has come along, I will be spending lots of time with them after Blizzcon doing the touristy things, but in the days leading up to Blizzcon I was going to keep it rather sedate and doing relaxing things like shopping and filling up my suitcases to take home.  QANTAS allows us 2 bags @ 23kg each apparently, so with me, Hyad and the kids coming, we could technically carry home 150kg!!! That's just crazy! I don't think I'll come home with THAT much shopping...

Flying in, landing mid morning-ish.  I tell you it's really weird to fly out of Australia on Wednesday afternoon at 3pm and arrive in the States on Wednesday morning.  OMG I'm a time traveller!!  Heading out for dinner that night with the family at Napa Rose, but will probably be wandering around all day... maybe shopping.

Spending time with guildies, probably try to get a bite to eat.  Going to drop by the World of Podcasts do that night as it's in my hotel!  Which reminds me I'd better sign up...  oh and it's the same night as the WoWInsider/Wowhead party which is at the Patio and Poolside of the Anabella from 5pm.  I did say I don't like big crushes, and I probably won't attend, but it would be fun just to see it!  After all - who plays WoW and DOESN'T use Wowhead??

Opening ceremony, hopefully heading to see Sodah before Arena Tournament starts and be a dork and get him to sign something for Shab (and me maybe!), and then back for the What's Next in WoW.  I imagine I will be an e-sports watcher during the Con as I see how they go during Arena as well as WCS, which will be fun to watch! I also want to see the contest winners at the end of the day too.
Friday night I'll be heading to the Twisted Nether Blogcast party which I hear is at Bowlmor Lanes at Anaheim Gardenwalk from 8pm.  Might be able to squeeze in Dinner with my guildies Xarek and Pel at their hotel (Hilton) before that - at least we can bring the kids!

I really want to see that live raid so I will have to get there early to avoid the rush!  Gonna have to watch the Semi finals and finals in arena and cheer for the NA team :D  Will be hanging around the main stage to hear all about what's coming up in WoW.
And I will stay for the closing ceremony.  Geez, I will only ever go to Blizzcon once, might as well do the whole hog :D
Hopefully Arv and Matty are free for dinner :D

From Sunday, my days are very family oriented.  Got heaps of activities for us to do!

Universal Studios for the day.  Hopefully enough to keep us occupied!

Legoland.  I hear it's a bit far out but it's supposed to be really good for 4 and 5 year olds.  I showed my daughter and she is so excited about it!

Disney. The kids will already do 2 days with my nanny who is coming with us to babysit them whilst we're at Blizzcon so maybe we can get through what we grown ups would like to do!

Sea World, San Diego.  That's a whole day trip there!!  I hear it's a bit far out - probably would have been better to get an overnight in San Diego and done Legoland at the same time but I can't be bothered paying for another hotel and losing the money for our hotel in Anaheim.  Besides, it feels like we're on holiday when we're on a bus going somewhere like on tour.  My kids love the bus.

Shopping!  Last minute gifts, relaxing around, maybe do some LA tourist trap stuff... Our flight isn't till late at night so we essentially have the whole day.

I can't wait!  It's so exciting and I hope that it all goes well. I hope the kids like it too - I am SURE they will have a blast.  Oh, and I hope I get to catch up or Navispam all the people that I wanted to meet :D


  1. Wow, you're going to have to sleep for a day after that trip! Hope you get to meet up with everyone you want to and I'm sure you're kids are going to have a lot of fun too. So exciting just reading about plans even though I'm not, you know, actually going, lol.

    1. It does look a tad busy! Do you think I have to schedule time for blogging? :D

    2. You better!

      Go figure, last year we were wanting to go and it was announced there wouldn't be one. This year we were so out of the WoW loop we never considered it...and now so many awesome people will be there that we could've seen (namely a certain spammer...)!

    3. Then I will JD! Just for you :D LOL Just kidding, I'll be doing it anyway so I don't forget what the hell happened (though I won't be doing much drinking)

  2. Yay San Diego!!! My 2nd hometown.

    Since I know you guys are going to have your days jammed packed while you are there, I am only going to make one suggestion for food. Go to Phil's BBQ. They have the best BBQ HANDS DOWN that I have ever had (and everyone who has ever eaten there has said). When you are at Legoland (which is in North County SD) there is a Phil's in San Marcos. This should be fairly close to you. The only warning I will give about Phil's is there is almost ALWAYS a line out the door. Trust me though, it is worth it! The wait isn't on the food, it is on seating.

    Legoland will be perfect for your kiddos. It is targeted for them.

    If you make it to downtown SD, head to Balboa Park. There are botanical gardens on top of several pretty cool museums, including a science museum that has hands on exhibits. Balboa Park is next to the Zoo (as in you can walk to the zoo from the museums) so if you have plans to hit up the zoo, check out the park next door.

    Tips for Disneyland - Once you get there (preferably right when it opens or else you are stuck in SUPER long lines) charge to the first ride you want to get on. Make sure you pick up the fast pass tickets for the other rides so that you can wait in the shorter line. The fast passes give you a time to come back at and you get to go in front of about 75% of the people waiting in line. These passes are free to everyone, you just have to pick them up. Make sure you sample the gumbo in New Orleans Square. They serve it in a sourdough bowl.

    Oh I am so excited for you! :D

    1. OhI wish we had time to explore San Diego! But we are pretty pushed for time so I shall have to see what we can squeeze in. Thanks for the food tips!!!

  3. It all sounds so fun and exciting!

    1. It is fun! Can't believe it's just 4 sleeps to go!

  4. That's one jam-packed holiday! But it's totally worth it and it sounds like you're going to all the best places (well except one but that's another story...). I think all the after parties sounds really cool andI agree that you'll probably only go to BlizzCon the once so you've got to do it all!
    Please tell me you're going to take part in the dance competition *crosses fingers* - it's my fave part and I'll certainly be watching that and the costume competition.

  5. San Diegan here!

    Might I recommend that instead of Sea World, you go to the San Diego Zoo? It's one of (if not the) biggest and most incredible zoos in the world, and a bonus is that it's cheaper than Sea World. Sea World itself isn't actually that fantastic of an experience, especially if that's what you're spending your full day doing. Every tourist I have taken to Sea World has been very underwhelmed compared to the zoo. Sea World is expensive, touristy, and feels kind of gimmicky. Meanwhile, the San Diego Zoo is a truly beautiful experience to behold. And they have....Pandas! It will make every other zoo pale in comparison.

    Also Sea World isn't a great establishment with a good track record. The sea animals there (namely, the orcas) have pretty miserable lives, die far younger than whales in the wild, and it's actually more depressing than enjoyable to watch them perform tricks for their trainers. I recommend seeing the documentary Blackfish before making the decision to take your family there. I would never return. /soapbox.

    1. Hi Cuppy! It was actually a difficult decision which to go to - as it's mostly for the children and what to see. I wanted to go to San Diego Zoo - as I have always wanted to go. However, my children very frequently go to the zoo, and Sydney's Taronga Zoo is one of the best in terms of layout, enclosures, husbandry, and fantastic views of the harbour and the ferry ride... I could go on all day about Taronga! I have also been to Singapore zoo many times and it has an amazing layout and with the free roaming macaques was truly impressive. However, the children don't appreciate a good zoo - I'm worried we'll go there and see giraffes, bears etc and they will say "But we see those at home in the zoo!" (And we are going to Taipei over Christmas and will see their Pandas there again). However, after what you've said, I may consider changing our mind and spending the day there instead of Sea World.


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