Anaheim Holiday Day #5 - Universal Studios

It's not too long a drive from Anaheim down to Hollywood - doesn't seem to be much different from driving to work!

This isn't very WoW related, so I'll make it just a quick photo journal type post instead.  The rides were more adult oriented - more roller coasters and scary stuff.  Transformers the ride was about the maximum I could take, but the Mummy ride was toomuch fro me.  Poor son had to stay outside all the time because he was too short for everything!

You can see Warner Bros from Universal!


  1. Did you watch or volunteer for the Special Effects shows? I would have liked to be in the Star Trek one or maybe the astronaut :P

    1. We watched the Special Effects show but didn't volunteer - kids are shy :P The volunteers all looked like they had heaps of fun though!


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