Anaheim Holiday Days #9 and #10 - Shopping and time to go home

I was all tuckered out yesterday from theme parks so I decided to go outlet shopping at Citadel yesterday instead.  Most of the things I bought were for the kids.  We went out to Roy's for dinner, which is a Hawaiian fusion cuisine restaurant at the Anaheim Garden Walk and as usual we were STUFFED FULL after eating our appetisers and entrees (which is funny because entrees are mains in the US).

Some appetiser nibbles came out for us to munch on before our ordered meals came out.

Mixed appetiser
Bim Bim Bap
Tempura vegies
Stuffed Peppers with Bonito shavings
And the we had our SIZEABLE mains!  I don't think any of us could finish it all!  The kids meals looked quite tasty as well..

Anaheim special - Butterfish and ribs
Rib eye
Kid's meal chicken teriyaki
Miso Butterfish
Red curry chicken
Chocolate Souffle
It was a great meal, for our last full night in Anaheim.  On our last day, we're going to do a morning tour of downtown LA (tourist stuff).  It was a great holiday, lots of memories and though I'm a little sad to go home, I would like to have a nice sleep on my own pillow and look at my twin 24" monitors again... and I think I need to go and login to my favourite game!  So... I should be back in time for Flex raids on Sunday - I hope people will be on because I am DYING to raid after 10 days of no game!


  1. So much tasty food, I think I need to go out to dinner tonight!

    Glad your trip was amazing! Can't wait to see you online again!

  2. Your trip has made me very hungry, I don't know why, lol.

  3. Omg! Food porn! I must all! Gah! Not fair!


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