A lucky LFR!

I went to bed too early, so I woke up at 2am and thought, well I've had my 5 hours of sleep, so it's time to get up.  What should I do?

I sat around talking to Exray who told me he and Lushen would be here by Friday (they were going to move from our Dath guild to Saurfang guild).  Woot! Don't need to recruit anymore DPS.  I mucked around gemming all the offspec items for my tanking set.  Perhaps I should take my tanking set seriously and get rid of my PvP 496 tanking cloak and get the legendary version.

Then I thought I should work on a comic.  I need to get some pics from raid for that.  So I queued LFR.  It had a satchel so I thought cool!  Maybe I'll get something nice.

When the queue popped I realised I'd queued the wrong LFR.  I wanted the first one, not the last one!  So I tried to leave queue and requeued the first one.  Suddenly I was teleporting to an instance.

Shit, I was still in Downfall.  So I thought, ok I'll just finish this and get my satchel and go.   Though it might take the whole damn night if I had a bad group.

The group was not too bad.  We seemed to be killing things ok.  I had a death by falling off the platform before Blackfuse, that was embarrassing.  I switched my loot spec to Guardian and see if I could get some upgrades.

Blackfuse went down and oh, what is this?

Woot a pet!  I didn't know these dropped in LFR, though I should have known.  Now this LFR was totally worth it.  I will stay till the end no matter how many wipes now, because I got a cool pet!

I did try my luck with Kovok, no go.  I didn't think I'd be that lucky.  Not two pets in one LFR in one day. But hey, I guess good things happen in LFR every now and then, don't they? :)

We wiped on our first pull of Garrosh because people were all over the place.  Then the warrior tank took over and set up markers and instructions and it all went well after that.  A big thumbs up to Zarthelas of Kil'jaeden who did a great job leading and tanking and staying till the end.  And I might have only got a Sun's radiance out of my Satchel but that run was still totally worth it :)


  1. Very nice, congrats! I've only seen the Son of Animus (twice) from raid drops.

  2. Grats! It's nice to get pets in lfr. There's a gooey sha-ling that only drops in lfr or flex raids. One of our healers got one a week for quite awhile. Last I heard he had four. Good luck hunting the rest of those pets.

  3. Grats! That was one lucky LFR. Maybe RNG take a nap late at night so it's not there to be mean!

    1. That was lucky! Maybe I had done someone a good turn that day!

  4. I am just sitting here ashamed that I haven't been brave enough to tank LFR yet: nicely done and congrats on the pet!

    1. TANK LFR?? OMG I would not be brave enough to do that either! And thanks!


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