Raiding - Normal in the Vale, Flexing the Gates

The first wing is a nice relaxing run now that we've gotten our heads around it - comfortable enough to substitute lower DPS in so we can get them geared up.  Sabre has been very accommodating and sitting out so others don't get stroppy about not raiding, but this week I said no more of that and refused to let him sit out.  And wouldn't you know it, no hunter gear dropped!  I sat out as well, leaving Asys on his shaman Cranked, Lushnek and Tal healing and they did fine.  I came in for Sha to try to get the trinket but I was pretty lucky and rolled Tier instead.

Galakras is still messy.  The ground team dies when we're up the tower - and I was wondering if it was the drakes shooting them that was making it difficult, implying we need more DPS.  Also, the other thing that is terrible is the handling of the fire ball.  People are not lined up and the damage taken is horrendous as the ball isn't passing through people.  Maybe I should get the locks to put some portals there for the melee to use because they are very slow to move from the ball.  And maybe have 2 lines of people so that we all don't get the fireball debuff stacking too high and so half are hard to heal and the other half aren't so hard.

Other druids have told me to do lots of interrupting and mighty bashes but I don't feel like I have the chance to!

On Thursday, Kyxyn was taking his daughter out so he wasn't going to be on to raid at 9pm, so Lush tanked on his monk.  I was late because the kids were being pains in the backside and wouldn't go to bed, and we had wondered whether we should beat our heads more on Galakras normal or do Flex, as we hadn't actually cleared the second part.  Souglyy immediately dropped saying she didn't want to do Flex, I assumed because she wanted to do it with Gutsy on Sunday with his guild on Jubei'thos.  I think for tank and general morale it was a good decision made by the other officers to do Flex, as Aimei/Lush hadn't tanked very much and struggling all night without results ended up with Raked logging off in a cranky fit.  Tank burnout is a real issue in our guild!  I worry about it!

We had a few welcome extras - from our Dath'remar, our old Frostwolves guildies Exray and Lushen came along to help, and Aza brought another monk friend of his.  Taloski brought a rogue friend/fan as well, and we ended up raiding with 14-15.  Voros came as well.  We died on our first Galakras attempt going up the second tower - wow it hit hard, I hadn't been expecting that - but the next attempt was better and we got it down.  IT was HORRIBLY messy though, and the ball was doing tons of damage with most of the raid dead by the end.  We really need to clean that up before we try normal again coz that mish-mosh won't cut it.

Iron Juggernaut went well (except for me being stupid and standing in front and getting the debuff that kills the tanks), and then we went onto Dark Shamans, and Kyxyn logged on as we were about to start, and he came to raid.  Raked decided to let Aimei tank (probably because he was sick to death of the monk barrel tossing thing - I think the 10 or so times he said during the raid, that he hated that monk barrel that pulls agro off everything might have been a TINY indication of his dislike of tanking with monks) and do some healing.  I don't know what Kyxyn and Aimei did but we did the Shamans without too much hassle and then off we went to do General Nazgrim.

However, I did see the brutality that was mentioned in Apple Cider Mage's recent post - I didn't see them last time.  I admit it is rather shocking to see, but those are the realities of war and it's all to make us hate Garrosh even more I suppose.  /sadface

Sev again proclaimed loudly his disdain of shamans and their treatment of poor innocent trainers of young warlocks as we entered into Cleft of Shadows.

"I have never drained the soul of anyone without their consent," he declared.  He paused for drama for a few seconds before he added, "And that is based on the assumption that anyone attacking me wants to have their soul drained!"

Funnily enough, General Nazgrim was easier in Flex than it was in LFR, and that polished up the night!  I was really pleased, as it was our first Frostwolves clear of the Gates of Orgrimmar in Flex, and everyone seemed to have a good time and had some loot, gold or sha crystals to show off.  Perhaps that means we can do the third wing on Flex on Sunday, which will be really exciting!


  1. I wouldn't necessarily say "innocent" in any sentence about a warlock, but it is depressing. As CD Rogue about the females (alive) versus the dead males, at least they can have the hope of escape and live...sadface indeed

    1. Yes :( but innocent warlocks - I am sure there exists such a thing! Somewhere...


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