Raiding - Killing Lei Shen Behind the curve

There isn't much opportunity to fit in ToT with so much other raiding to do, but last night we were one down on numbers, believe it or not!  Raked can't do Mondays anymore, we were lucky Moo was there though. But Souglyy was spending too much time with her new flame and was too tired to raid, Sabre was missing, and funnily enough so was Voros.  Bish and Lac have been missing for a while, so our raid numbers are looking a little bit thin!

So with only 9 people last night, we couldn't really do SoO even though we decided to give it a bash, and so off we went to Throne of Thunder to kill Lei Shen.

There was debate about this.  Do we use our Lei Shen save or just start from the beginning?  I was tweeting Voros like crazy (found out later he wasn't feeling well and had gone to bed) and I didn't want to spend 1.5 hours doing ToT and not getting to Lei Shen so we decided to just kill it, and have an early night off raiding.

9 manning it was fun.  Tal has done something to his pally heals which has made him amazing and he is now outhealing me even though I outgear him and I was feeling rather useless in the raid, yet also super pleased that healing is picking up.  We decided to 2 heal it since it's had a nerf of 20%.  Wow, that nerf is HUGE.

We wiped the first time because we killed it so fast we weren't ready for transition and we were all over the place.  We got it the second time, and though it was a bit late and it's all easy now, it's still a kill and a guild achievement.  And, loot we could use dropped!  Thunderforged Torall, Rod of the Shattered Throne, dropped and Ultimate Protection of the Emperor dropped - both of which could be used!  I was thinking of passing it to Taloski because he had a crappy weapon but he said I could take it and I greedily snatched it up because I just wanted to say I had SOMETHING Thunderforged.  Besides, Tal is outhealing me so I need all the help I can get!

Everyone cheered, early night!  Luxy logged off to go shoot people in DayZ, people hearthed.  I realised I hadn't taken a picture!  So I demanded that everyone get back for a screenshot and there were collective groans.

"But I've already closed WoW!"
"Just photoshop me in!"
"But  my hearthstone will be on CD, how will I get out then?"

"I'm summoning you all back!" I yelled, as I made Sev make a summoning stone.  So Luxy reluctantly logged back in and we started summoning everyone back.  And what happens?

Lei Shen's body despawned.

"OMG, shit, he despawned!" I wailed.

"I logged back in for a blank picture??" said Luxy.
"Well this was worth hanging around for," said Aza.
"Can I go now?" said Lush.

No.  They could not go.  The guild dictator made everyone take a picture around an empty circle.  I am sure they all thought I was being quite ridiculous.  Taloski even disconnected just to spite me so he wouldn't have to get in the circle. Maybe something to do with me stealing the thunderforged mace....

Yes, that's a pathetic picture.  But we at least killed Lei Shen, even if it was a little bit behind the curve :)


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