Raiding - Ironing out that Juggernaut

On Wednesday, I was having cranky pants because somehow Asys had managed to "lose" his Guardian druid. What does that mean, I hear you wonder?  Well, Asys has now switched to playing his shaman as his main.  Lazy old me didn't bother changing his officer note on Cranked to his EPGP numbers from Asys, I just left his officer note as Asys so that he would still have the EPGP numbers from there.  The main reason I did that was because I didn't know how to type the funny A so I couldn't edit Asys's officer note to say Cranked.  So when we started raid, I didn't realise that Asys wasn't on the EPGP loot table because his druid, Asys had gone missing, and the addon was looking for him.  Which mean that Asys had no EPGP, so he was starting from zero.  Which, as you will see later, doesn't mean a thing anyway!

(It turns out his druid Asys is somehow "accidentally" transferred off the server... don't ask!)

Tal told me that he doesn't want to raid anymore as a regular, but is happy to help out when able.  that was a bit of a loss, so I was sad, because his heals are amazing.We were having issues with Galakras on Wednesday - I think we were doing the ball wrong.  On Thursday with everyone lined up and it was a lot better, but still messy towards the end!  However, the kill was slightly better than our first kill, and loot was taken!  I was lucky and rolled the Drakebinder Greatstaff - because the loots that dropped were the Drakebinder Greatstaff and Swiftserpent Signet, Asys took the staff that dropped and Sabre took the ring - I think that was his first loot! That knocked him back down the Priority Loot ladder :)

Wednesday raiding wasn't as slick as previously because of the healer switchover - Lush was a bit rusty with his druid but he soon got back in the swing of healing.  We got through the first 4 nicely with lots of loot taken - I did an awesome cleanup as well, rolling a warforged Necklace of Fading Light, and getting Prismatic Prison of Pride from Sha of Pride.  That was in addition to getting Tier legs from Celestials earlier and Zoo-Per's Superior Chestguard from Ordos!  Kyxyn got warforged Darkfallen Shoulderplates, Luxy got the Tier chest, and Asys got Seal of Eternal Sorrow.  Kyxyn was having an awesome lucky week - picking up 6 secrets in one day of LFR runs (compared to poor Lush's monk only getting 1 from the same lot), getting his legendary cloak done, AND getting some sweet loot!

After Galakras we went onto Iron Juggernaut which went down in 2 goes which seemed so much easier than Galakras. The one thing I did notice is that Asys' heals were down a lot then, probably because people were more spread out.  With Galakras, everyone is bunched up so shamans can do a lot more, I suppose.  There was also a lot of movement and knockbacks which probably made him hurt more.  Lushnek passed on the Laser -Slice Signet ring so I could have it, and that was a wonderful upgrade!  The plate belt was disenchanted. And we FORGOT to take a picture :*( *waaaah*

On to Dark Shaman, and we got to 35% or so on our first attempt, which was very encouraging!  The healing cloak dropped on the trash, and Asys took it since he is nowhere near doing his legendary.  I did wonder if I should bother charging him for that - Luxy said I shouldn't - but Asys was getting geared up anyway despite not having any EPGP, so really it didn't matter if he was charged GP for getting stuff LOL! The next few attempts were similar or slightly worse, but it wasn't as bad as the first time we did it on Flex.  Poor Raked had no idea which way to face the "wall" so we ended up with elementals through the middle all the time.  On Monday, Raked won't be here and they want to try doing it with 3 tanks - I have no idea where they will FIND these tanks, and if they take Asys and Lush, then who is going to heal with me??  I might have to beg Taloski to raid on Monday, and see if Priestie wants to raid - she hasn't been logging on to see if we need help with raiding and I'm not sure if I should be ringing her to pester her either.

Looking forward to some relaxed raiding on Sunday, and whatever happens on Monday, it will be a good end to the week, I'm sure.