Raiding - First night, first wing; Second night not happening!

Now that first wing is on farm I was hoping to get some casuals in so that their gear can get up to par so we can tackle some of the later bosses if they have to substitute in.  The first two bosses at least are easy for the slightly undergeared, and I was hoping Voros could hop in if we were short.

However, we only just had enough to raid and we had Sabre who is in sore need of gear, so I decided against sitting someone out for Voros.  I also asked Asys to sit out on his druid, and perhaps that was not the best thing to do as I will outline later.

It was a good night for offspec gear to drop.  I walked out with 2 agi leather items, which made me wish that Lush had brought his monk in so that he could gear up as our backup tank.  And it would be fun to have a monk in the raid.

The first two bosses went down well, dispels on the Fallen Protectors made me happy and Taloski's healing put me to high shame.  I thought that perhaps in the future we may be able to 2 heal those two bosses, so we can get some other people geared.

Norushen went well too, but we had some hiccups on The Sha of Pride, and I kept getting max Pride despite being as careful as possible.  It could have been because we took a bit longer in the burn phase which meant we had more dispels and thus gained more pride.

There was some sweet loot picked up by everyone.  Aza rolled Purified Bindings of Immerseus, and got Warforged Sha-sealed Sandals from the Fallen Protectors.  Sev rolled a warforged Gaze of Arrogance from Sha.  Souglyy won the Tier chest from Sha, and I passed on Prismatic Prison of Pride to let Taloski have it - surely a guilt thing after I took the Lei Shen weapon from him LOL.

Thursday however, we bashed our heads on the waves of mobs from Galakras.  The tower party went well, but the ground party was dying a lot, and it didn't seem to improve during the night.  Raked was having the poops with the fight because nothing seemed to be improving, though I felt like it was getting slightly better with improved survivability (ie, people weren't dead when the guys came out of the tower).  Loth'remar was taking a lot of damage and we had our NPCs die a few times causing the raid to reset.

Aza told me to DPS the banner and at first I was cranky because I have so much to do already without having to add my crappy DPS on a banner, wasting one GCD which could have been better used on a rejuvenate or a refresh of a lifebloom or a reposition of my mushroom/efflo.  However, once the banner was up it's so large, it was easy to target and I managed to hit it once or twice with a noobfire and it has very little health.  Moo was having a hard time, getting hit by stuff all the time, and I wondered if there was something in particular he could avoid but he said he was dying to fire arrows.

By the end of the night people got surly and Raked disconnected and did not come back halfway through the fight.  Lush was glad the night was over because he had to be at the airport at 6am to fly interstate for work, and he logged off.

I will have to go review what we can do better for that fight.  I don't like bashing my head pointlessly on stuff.

Now about Asys....

After I asked him to sit out on Wednesday, I got an ingame mail, saying that he might move his druid elsewhere since now the team had a fulltime tank back and he was no longer needed.  I hoped that I had not upset him or made him feel unwelcome so I was looking for him in game to chat to and see if he still wanted to stay and tank part time or play his shaman, but he has been hiding and not logged on during the times I am on.  If he decided to go, I wish him all the best and a big thank you for helping us raid during those tough times.  One of the greatest things about Asys is that he doesn't give up and he is willing to try different things to make something work.  And he was helpful and willing to try out different toons to raid with.  I really tip my hat off to him - he helped Frostwolves find their feet on Saurfang.

But this leaves some holes in our raiding roster again.  Where did all my healers go?  No Bish or Lacrox, Roshii is missing, Voros is not really available due to family stuff for a few weeks... but at least Moo will be back to raiding full time.  Is it time to recruit again?  Or maybe I can ask Priestie/Frostie to heal - I suppose I can start sitting out some more, as long as Moo or Sev start figuring out how to do the EPGP (I can see them now - screaming NO NAVI DON'T SIT OUT BECAUSE I DON'T WANNA DO THE EPGP WHATEVER THINGO!).  Either way, we have some tight times ahead.

And of course, don't forget daylight savings this weekend.  That will surely confuse the hell out of everyone who is in Queensland and other countries.


  1. Miss the good old days of raiding, dont even get time to log on these days.

    Effectively working 6-7 days a week (yes I got stupid and signed up to do a clinical fulltime PhD without pay... and now have to work every Sat and almost every Sunday. Fingers crossed I get my scholarship this year).

    Navi, talk to Bladewind, he is back on Monday I think, but wife and kids are overseas, so he may get to play for a while (until they come back).


    1. Blade said he isn't coming back to WoW! Besides, it would take him too long to gear up - I think he'll be busy on SC2 instead :) When are you going to hurry up and play? ;)

    2. well.. I have actually cancelled my subscription in August. But I will try to play via game card instead. More control of spending... (i.e. wife dont see it coming up in the bills).

      and maybe she will let me play if I happen to get my scholarship for my PhD... (fingers crossed) she wasnt too impressed with me starting a PhD without funding... (that's why I had to work every saturday, wed arvo + evening and 2-3 sundays a month).

  2. We had a ton of problems on Galakras, it took us an extra reset to down him. Make sure those shaman are dying first and that they're interrupted, that the healing tide totems don't get a chance to tick, that you're tanking the mobs inside the flamestrike. We also prioritized the bonecrackers last, since they're only dangerous when they go to do their specials and we had enough stuns/typhoons/death grips to make that trivial.

    We sent ranged only up the tower. We would have them run up the hill during the third wave and dps the 3rd wave boss and the demo from the hill, then start the climb up the tower when the demo was at around 30%. Sure, you get stunned a couple times, but things die faster.

    Although honestly I think it was just an extra week's worth of gear for our dps that did it. A couple of seconds between waves and killing the shaman quickly makes all the difference in that fight.

    1. Thanks for that advice! That might be a good thing to try. And thank you for visiting!

  3. Took us a few night to get galakras down nav and a fair bit of time the get the add waves right. We had to sit out a lower dps for someone who has higher dps so we could get the adds down before the next wave. Melee should be on the totems and banners while tanks and ranged do the stuns on the guys who do the fracture ability and if melee arnt busy help with fractures to. Pain in the ass fight haha, i was saying to guts " its boat all over again "lol. Once galakras is down we had melee stand in a line with a healer and ranged stand in the other line with the other 2 healers and the person who gets the line on them run the the back. This way we didnt have to run across to the other group of people and stacks stayed reasonably low. Tell aza to just solo it while you guys watch haha ;)


    1. Heh, it's not as bad as boat Falln - boat was a raidbreaker! You guys are doing awesome over there on Jubei - glad I have someone to ask when I get stuck!


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