Raiding - Checking out the second wing in LFR and Flex

I didn't step into the second part of LFR or Flex until this weekend.  I wasn't keen on the idea of all this extra raiding eating into my relaxing nights, but maybe it's just in these early days - as time goes on, I might not do the LFRs anymore.  But for now, it's good for learning!

A group of Frostwolves ventured into LFR again on Saturday and though it was a long arduous process of learning, I quite enjoyed it.  Things are always better with friends.

Galakras didn't seem so terrible, and I went up the towers so I could figure out what we were supposed to do.  Not that I could figure much out - KyXyn ran away from me and I ran up the stairs chasing him and he MIGHT have died... but I got a new belt.

Iron Juggernaut was new, and I was trying to figure out where to position myself so that I wouldn't get knocked back.  There are lots of fences around, but I didn't do it right and the huge knockback made me lose my Efflorescence mushroom because I was way out of range.  But that went down but I thought to myself, I need to find a better spot to stand.

The trash after that was horrible!  It seemed to go on FOREVER, and we had to free a lot of imprisoned friendlies from the armies of Garrosh.  The Kor'kron Dark Shamans themselveswas hard and we wiped on it many times!  It just seemed like there was stuff EVERYWHERE - fire, red circles, elementals all lined up, green stuff... and because the tanks were kiting the bosses around, Efflo was getting moved constantly that I wasn't even sure it helped at all.  Quite often there was a lovely green healing circle off to the side with nobody in it.... poor lonely little mushroom!  We persisted, and eventually got it, thought we must have had about 5 stacks of determination.... for LFR, I thought it was pretty intense.

The final part of the raid was in the Cleft of Shadows, and Sev was shocked - there were dead warlocks everywhere!  This was a particularly sad scene for me - I wrote about Zevrost in one of my fiction stories, and to see him trussed up hanging from the ceiling, dead...

Sev went on and on for a while about evil Shamans.  I couldn't wait to rib Luxy about it.

General Nazgrim was supposed to be easier, but we had issues with hitting enrage a few times.  We also managed to down that after 3 or 4 stacks of determination as it took people a while to figure out NOT to hit the boss when he was in defensive stance and to get out of bad whirling blades and the shaman totems were healing him.  But it was impressive the amount of people that stayed in the group, and nobody was being particularly rude.  In fact, the only person who was a bit abrasive was Asys who was the most aggressive I had ever seen him and I was a little shocked.  I had to whisper him to rein it in a little, as we were here as a guild, and I don't want people to think our guild was horribly rude and unfriendly.  Well, it wasn't that bad but I always seem very conscious of the appearance that we put out there when our guild name is stamped on our members.  However, we finished it, got our achievement, and I was happy because I felt I had learned something and was better prepared for Flex raiding the next day.

Sunday was our flex raid day, and I wondered what we should be doing, but I thought that since we had the first wing down on normal, the flex raid would go well.  And I wasn't wrong.  It went very well, I was very pleased how quickly the first four bosses went down.  Poldra turned up half way and provided his usual hilarious drunken antics (in his pleasant "I don't know what's going on, but I'm going with the flow" way) and each of the bosses was a nice one shot - even Sha of Pride.  Gutsy came to keep Souglyy company - she wanted to bring her healer but we were really heavy on healers.  There was me, Aza, Priestie, Gutsy and Asys healing already and I was expecting Zeirah to turn up but she was held up with family stuff until we got to the second wing - which was just as well, because Gutsy and Souglyy had to go by then and Zeirah filled in his place.

Oh we had some fun on that first tower!  As I was figuring out the DPS to send up, I had put Lush and Voros as the DPS going up and Sev coughed angrily because he had been left out.  So we dragged the grumpy warlock along.  Kyxyn was tanking it and he said this time he would stay in range of healing and not run away.

However, he did NOT keep his promise.  He kept going out of range of healing because he was punted off the tower.  Not once, nor twice, but THREE times.  It was actually quite funny and the poor raid down the bottom as they kept fighting wave after wave whilst we muddled our way through that tower.  Of course, after Kyxyn got kicked off the first time, Voros and Sev died from miniboss aggro and I followed suit not long after.  I think that's comic material right there!

So after we wiped the raid with our foolishness in the tower, the next attempt we nailed it and Galakras went down. On to Iron Juggernaut and that went down too!  And wooo, I got an offhand!  Then we were onto the dreaded Dark Shaman and we did amazingly well on our first go on it but by then it was the end of the raid.  I was pretty happy with our progress and it was heaps of fun!  I think everyone had a great time and we even got an easy achievement from Galakras which was cool!

I'm not sure if I can do this 5 days of raiding business.  With 3 nights of normal raiding, one night of Flex, and one night of guild LFR, it's pretty heavy, and I might have to give it a miss so I can go do other stuff.  See how many more weeks I can take!  I think that LFR will have to be dumped soon, but in the meantime it's still a great learning tool.


  1. I was wondering how Horde felt...made me cringe

    1. And that was as Alliance! Yes, it was rather disturbing...


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