PvP - No teams doesn't mean no fun, but Bloody hell those Bloody Coins...

Arenas are still great this season for me with a fantastic toolbox of spells to use.  Shab asked me if I had been using Glyph of Efflo and I have - it's wonderful, I love it in PvE.  So I used it in PvP too, and it's great, I quite like it there too (even though nobody is really standing still for long).  I do miss the crit Regrowths though....

I haven't seen many jungle fever teams so far, but it feels like every other team has a warrior in it, and warriors are amazing this patch.  They are almost unkillable and they hurt like hell too.  Our team struggles with melee teams atm, and I have to stop with the "stunned-deer-in-headlights" thing that seems to occur everytime the team comes charging at us.

Battleground queues continue to be awful.  After some awful arena matches, I only had 40 points to go for conquest cap so we decided to do a BG.  The double honour was Warsong, but we did a random and luckily got Twin Peaks.

It wasn't pretty.  I was the only healer and we had no tanks, but we did have 3 rogues.  The other team - 3 warriors and 3 healers.  Are you kidding me???  Goddamn warriors!

I was on guard duty and the FC and I were in the room when a huge group descended upon us.  I didn't realise in all the frenzy that we had managed to cap and I went down thinking we'd lost it.  I wasn't sure if they could get all those healers down who were healing the EFC!

The next flag was picked up by Shab, and I ran out to intercept and heal him.  We had a huge train of warriors following us and I did the best I could to keep Shab up and we made it to our base.  We held our flag for a while but then the stacks became really high, and with the next big wave of incoming enemies, Shab went down.  However, the shaman that was with us was really quick on the snatch and managed to pick up the flag.  I thought it had been returned - I spent 2 seconds healing myself and not healing him before I realised he had the flag and as we began to get overwhelmed again our offensive team returned our flag, but snatched up by an alliance hunter.  Shab and I chased the hunter and he died and we got a second cap - now that round was certainly an exciting one! 

The other team had given up by now and so a rogue ran the last flag back - woot!  Conquest cap!

PvP on the Timeless Isle is another sad story.  I was going to go to a PvP server and gank some people there for my coins, but it didn't happen (or rather, I ran out of time because I was too busy chasing rares for pets).  So Aza and I hung out a little and killed each other on the isle to get a few coins.

I really dislike the Bloody Coins.  I want them because there are pets and mounts to be bought with the coins but the way in which you obtain them is utterly ridiculous.  You only get a coin if you get the killing blow.  How often do you think THAT'S going to happen as a healer?  And there is a way to get them in BGs, but only 10% of your killing blows could give you a coin and killing blows is NOT something I get many of in any battleground.  So it looks like I will have to resort to kill trading to get my coins which is just really pathetic, and will take me forever and a day.  So I can forget that mount, I'm just going to go for the pet.

If I had to make the bloody coins better, I think I would let it be a percentage of all your honour kills rather than killing blows. At least that way, us healers will get a little bit of the lion's share. And when you're on the isle?  I reckon everyone in the group who was in range of the kill or dotted the kill should get a coin, just like with any rare that's killed on the isle.


  1. I feel your pain on those bloody coins, trading kills is prolly the only way I'll ever any lootz from it myself. Not because I'm a healer but because I'm not really into pvp, I've just never been any good at it.

    1. It sucks to be a healer sometimes Starre :( but I hope you get your kills in for those coins!


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