PvP - Arena frustrations in 5.4

Now don't get me wrong, it's still fun!  I love my arena time and teamwork and strats, there are just a few things that have annoyed the hell out of me in the new season.

One of them is The Crowd Choose You.  I really REALLY dislike this.  It makes you play arena in a different way to how you SHOULD be playing.

Is there a way you should be playing, I hear you ask.  Normally, I play to kill the other team, and often I will admire a team that has excellent execution of serial crowd control and controlled, well timed target swaps (of course, if our team is that team, that's awesome too!).  There were the burst teams, who would blow all their cooldowns early that you just had to live through and then smash them back when they ran out of steam.  There were the longevity teams, that wore you down slowly, draining all your mana and you lost because your healer (ie ME) would be OOM and then they would win from healer exhaustion.  Then there were the stalemates that I used to get a few years ago that are very rare these days.

Now, if ONE person gets to low health, but manages to heal themselves back up, that is a disadvantage! The team that had the lowest health member does not get chose to be the recipient of The Crowd Choose you, and essentially the other team is going to win, if you last that long.  Obviously, the solution is, you have 15 minutes to smash that other team (if it happened early) or kill one of them so that you can win. But often, you get stuck in a stalemate, and you have to play until one team makes a mistake so you can take the advantage.  And sometimes you can kill a team with 2 excellent players - why should the other team have the advantage?

Why are people complaining about long arena times anyway?  I think one of the reasons is that there would be some teams, like a tank/healer team (or a double healer team) who would arena and basically survive till the end of the match, frustrating the DPS of the other team. I admit I do find that annoying - the idea is to kill the other team, not frustrate them so much that they leave!

I commented to Sev the other day that The Crowd Choose You was very Gen Y - for those people who haven't got the patience to play a game till its end, for those who want a quick win and are sick of long games.  I don't even know why they felt it had to be changed in the first place.

But how would I change it?  What would I do to make it better?  I've thought about it a lot, and there are a couple of things that would be ok:
  1. I agree that you should be allowed to see stealthed units.  Trying to find them is annoying as hell (and I am guilty of doing that to be annoying sometimes!)
  2. I think as time progresses the damage outputs should become higher for both teams, OR an armour/resistance debuff appears for ALL PLAYERS, because a good team with 2 can still beat a crappy team with 3
To tell you the truth though, I think that long games are more an issue in 2s than in 3s or 5s.  I have had many long games in 2s, back in the day when we could battle for 45 mins, and even last season we had reached the timer a few times.  Since these days I play mostly 3s, we have only had that debuff once and it was in our favour, but I didn't really like it.

The other thing I've noticed is that about 75% of the teams we face have a warrior in it.  Warriors are so hard to kill and do so much damage this patch, I bet they are loving it.  Spell reflect seems to be up ALL THE TIME and poor Sev looks so miserable every time we see a warrior in the other team.

Other than that, the no team thing is not proving too difficult.  I like it now that I'm used to it.  James has asked to play with us a little with his shaman so we might go a few rounds with him and see how that goes - old fuddy duddies like me take a while to get used to new teammates, unlike those Gen Y impatient types like Sev :P


  1. That buff really suited you Navi haha, now you wont die and can actually do some damage in area.

    The whole Wow is being dumbed down more and more. When they removed and combined a few secondary stats I thought it was a good thing, then they brought in dumbed down talent tree, it was a shock. Then the rep grind via dailies rather than instances/raids and then the welfare epics and LookForRetards... Skill means nothing any more...


    1. it's been fixed a bit so I feel like I was whinging about nothing! :D


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