New achievements, pets and rares this week

A few achievements this week - and a fair few of them were related to killing Garrosh in LFR.  Though the first one, we shouldn't have gotten... you aren't supposed to get that in LFR!  I wonder if they will take it away...

At least that got my Chapter V of the Legendary done as well.  Wrathion is a turd, btw.

I did my kill trading this week and got to 10 bloody coins.  Yay!

Only two rares this week.  I think Kri'chon is the last of the rares that I needed from the Vale who were part of the "end of the Golden Lotus daily" bosses.

And how often do you see this NOT being attacked?? :D Phew, I had a lucky 5 seconds to take this pic!

I actually forgot to take a pic of Xu-Fu a few weeks ago, so here are my 2 additions from the Celestial Tournament.  Only one more to go!

A gift from a friend yay!  I do this one every day and had never seen it.

It's funny how you can make friends doing ordinary things in game.  Bigcrits (and various other crit variations on the theme) was someone I did enchants for, and because he tipped so generously I told him he no longer needed to tip me for his enchants.  So now I do all his enchants and he gives me all the gems I need (when my guild suppliers are not online).  And when he found out I love pets, he gave me a Gu'chi swarmling.

And after my big WHINGE about Gulp Froglet, here is the one I bought from the auction house.  I wanted to have a pic of me stepping on it, but I decided that the poor innocent little Gulp Froglet didn't do anything to hurt anyone, only his big nasty relatives that I was mindlessly killing just so I could obtain him...


  1. I'm glad you don't have to suffer those stupid frogs anymore. I was going to say they are easy in Cat form but you're probably specced healer/bearbutt.

    1. Yes you are correct about my spec. Not a particularly good damage spec!


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